Bathroom ceiling ideas that will captivate you

Everybody inside the family uses theΒ bathroom ceiling ideasΒ times a day, so it is critical to put strength into it to make it experience like your own spa.

You could now not have thought plenty about that blank white wall above you. However, if your area needs a spruce-up, particular bathroom ceiling ideas can increase the space.

Additionally, it can be brief and clean to fix. Via specializing in the restroom ceiling, you are neglecting the 5th wall that you could be used for a laugh.

You have to be careful with the humidity. Some materials are not strong enough to survive the humidity of the bathroom.

Don’t be afraid; ceiling ideas can be beautiful and functional – even in a wet room in the house – so you don’t have to restore the ceiling every few months.

The bathroom ceiling is amazing

Even if you have a large bathroom that you want to update or impress guests with your guest bathroom, the ceiling is an excellent place to start. If you want a complete bathroom renovation, combine this design with other bathroom ceiling ideas to get the best results.

Rustic bathroom ceiling ideas

The ceiling is covered with reclaimed wood. They bring nature-inspired design and timeless elegance to the space. What a holy place!

Tile up

This bright and airy bathroom by adam sokol is fantastic and functional. If your bathroom is more of a wet room, installing a ceiling is an excellent way to combat issues caused by moisture when using other materials such as paint or wallpaper.

When choosing bathroom ceiling ideas for tile, remember that large, heavy tiles will be tough to install. We recommend using small mosaic tiles that you can mix and match to create a pattern or a bold color block like in the bathroom pictured.

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You can also use traditional subway tiles for a timeless look or scalloped ones, which are very in-trend.

Small bathroom with vaulted ceiling

Do you have a small space? It’s not a problem. Dress the ceiling in clean white grooved boards for a beautiful look. Use wood beams and vintage metal chandeliers to decorate the top.

Paint in different colors

Painting the bathroom ceiling ideas anything other than white is a great way to make a bold statement. It’s also a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to revitalize a space.

The bright blue ceiling in the featured bathroom gives the room a fresh and modern feel. Choose a bright block color and tie it with colored mosaic tiles and matching vanity.

When choosing your paint, there is more than color to consider. Make sure you get a pigment that is designed for use in bathrooms. In a room with such humidity, some paints can begin to peel or allow mold to grow, so choosing the best bathroom paint is a must.

Skylight in the bathroom

Who doesn’t love this bathroom? It’s welcoming and beautiful, thanks to the cathedral ceiling. In seconds, it opens up space. The skylights keep the area sunny and allow you to gaze at the stars from your bathtub.

Don’t fear the darkness

If the idea of ​​a bathroom ceiling appeals to you, why not go all out and paint or tile your ceiling dark blue, gray, or black? This bathroom by maestri studio (opens in a new tab) is beautiful, with a black tiled ceiling and floor against the white marble walls and vanity.

A dark ceiling is a bold, dangerous move, but with the proper lighting, the contrast can give the room more depth and open it up to make it feel bigger.

Your bathroom walls are probably a shade of white already, so if you’re brave enough, creating a black ceiling is a great way to freshen up your bathroom in 2022. Go, we dare you.

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Try farmhouse chic panels

Wood wall paneling is on-trend right now and looks great on bathroom ceilings. We love the mint and ash paneling in the bathroom pictured by armstrong ceilings (opens in a new tab). Paneling on the top is an easy way to give your bathroom a country chic revamp.

It is also a practical idea for ceilings, as other woods like cedar, teak, or pine resist moisture. However, wood can bend. Instead, you can use good quality, humidity-resistant shiplap to create the look without breaking the bank.

Bathroom ceiling paint

Here, the ceiling is painted a neutral yale blue. It not only makes a bold statement but also draws the eye up. White crown molding, walls, and cleanliness create a clean environment. A blue and white french national curtain spices up the area.

Install skinny slats

If you like the idea of ​​chic wood paneling and feel like it, try skin slats on your ceiling for a modern bathroom. The decorative bathroom ceiling pictured by abbie clark looks fantastic and isn’t difficult or expensive to remodel. You can use a stud finder to locate the ceiling joists and nail the slats directly into them.

Be sure to check at your diy store that the wood you buy will last in a humid bathroom, and you’re good to go.

Bathroom ceiling cladding wood

Long thin gray subway tiles on the walls convey a sense of austerity. Wall windows allow the bathroom to light up with sunlight. Wooden ceiling cladding gives coziness to the space. Its telltale groove creates visual interest.

Wallpaper the fifth wall

An easy and inexpensive way to decorate your bathroom ceiling ideas are with wallpaper. We love the guest bathroom covered in lion paper by graham & brown (opens in a new tab). Bold and modern.

Be careful, though. The moisture and humidity in bathrooms can cause the wallpaper to come off. However, not all wallpaper is created equal. Make sure you buy good-quality, durable wallpaper that is splashproof at least.

In a second bathroom, like the one in the picture above, a coffered ceiling works well because there may be fewer seams, so less moisture will cause the adhesive to stick.

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Bathroom light fixtures

The soft neutrals come together in this bathroom. They exude a serene ambiance and lead to a zen-inspired space. The white painted ceiling makes the room feel less crowded. Recessed lights illuminate the entire home.

Install a skylight

Okay, this one isn’t quick and easy, but adding a skylight to your bathroom ceiling ideas can open up the room. Often bathrooms are in small spaces, which can feel even smaller if there is natural light.

Installing a skylight in your bathroom ceiling is an investment, but you’ll save on energy bills for heating and artificial light in the long run.

Research shows that it can make people happier, calmer, and more productive. Plus, it feels great to look up while you relax in the tub.

Drop plants from the ceiling

Hanging plants from your bathroom ceiling is one of the easiest ways to enhance the space. We love this beautiful forest bath by raffaele de lallo, ohio tropics (opens in a new tab). So. Most of them. Plants.

If you have light, plants do well. But, if you don’t have a lot of natural light, there are plenty of satisfying fake options out there as well. If you don’t like to put too many holes in your ceiling and like a little diy, you can try to make a hanging laundry rack that you can put above the bathtub to stop your plants.

Work vintage tiles

If you want to feel like a king sitting on a throne, try using metal ceiling tiles and moldings. Sometimes at home, the bathroom ceiling ideas covered with old tiles can give the place an authentic feel. The top in the bathroom shown above looks superb.

However, these tiles from american tin ceilings (opens in new tab) work as decoration.

If you like metal sound but don’t want to go overboard, you can try silver paint, chrome effect panels, or glass tiles to brighten up the space.

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