Beautiful natural wood kitchen cabinets

Thinking about adding natural wood kitchen cabinets to your home but don’t know where to start?

If you have a pinterest board for kitchen design ideas and love watching home improvement shows on tv, then you’re probably itching for a kitchen upgrade. One of the best ways to update your kitchen without completing remodeling is to invest in new cabinets.

New kitchen cabinets change the character of the room entirely. Many homeowners try to save money by buying build-it-yourself medium-density fiberboard (mdf) cabinets from big-box retailers.

At online news Mags, we challenge this trend with eco-friendly, high-quality, and recycled natural wood kitchen cabinets. Today we are looking at:

Our favorite scandinavian wooden kitchen cabinet designs, and

Different types of wood for kitchen cabinets.

7 amazing natural wood scandinavian kitchen cabinets

At puustelli kitchens, we create kitchen designs for homeowners. We have entirely transformed hundreds of kitchens with high-quality cabinets and innovative ideas. One of our favorite ways to build natural wooden cabinets.

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are timeless, attractive, and more durable than custom-made mdf cabinets at big-box retailers. For more inspiration, check out 7 of our favorite natural closet designs.

1) An accessible kitchen with rich colors

These beautiful cabinets in french walnut make this kitchen feel rustic and elegant. Warm, neutral wood cabinets add balance to a modern black and white room. This kitchen is also fully ada compliant. With accessible features that make working in the kitchen more convenient than complex, it’s no surprise that a custom kitchen has many benefits.

2) A dreamy, bright loft

With a loft like this one, custom-made, white fiberboard cabinets would have washed entirely out this kitchen. Unfortunately, many homeowners end up with cabinets they are not 100% in love with because they chose to save a few dollars by buying cheap, bare cabinets.

However, this fully equipped kitchen comes to life with the addition of light wood cabinets like these. Stainless steel appliances make the space feel modern and bright, while plants and unique lighting tie the whole house together.

3) Simple, modern design

We adore how current kitchen designs aren’t afraid to be a bit moody. With a black kitchen island, grey partitions, and black paneling, this kitchen is the proper definition of the present day.

These mid-tone cabinets help add measurement to the gap while retaining an advanced experience. Simple, classic colors like those proven here can preserve a kitchen feeling fresh for years. The natural timber grain at the shelves adds a remarkable sense of layout to the clean lines and geometric setup.

4) Keeping the classic feel

In this kitchen renovation, the homeowners wanted to preserve the integrity of the natural wood kitchen cabinets on their windows and doors. We love how the light wood cabinets and flooring tie the feel of the home together.

There is no need to completely remodel the kitchen for the sake of being modern or things like these that define the word “homey.” these cabinets make the room feel welcoming, not cramped. Simple upgrades like new cabinets and countertops update this kitchen without giving up any of its original features.

5) natural light & natural wood

There is nothing like skylights, large windows, and natural wood cabinets to feel connected to nature. Light wood cabinets paired with wood floors and window frames help this home feel connected to the outdoors.

Many homeowners who want bright kitchens think their only option is to go for an all-white scheme. While all-white can do this, many other screening methods are more creative and personalized. This light wood makes the room feel open, bright, and cheerful more creatively.

6) Modern contrast

Gray and white have become the face of today’s color schemes. We love how the updated kitchen plays with so many modern design elements. The gray walls and white paneling will make the room look stylish and bright. However, the space is unique, with stainless steel and dark wood cabinets on the kitchen island.

Everything about this kitchen design screams “simple, yet comfortable.” although it has a modern style, natural wood kitchen cabinets adds an earthy feel to the kitchen, making it a great place to gather, socialize, and create memories.

7) Timeless darkness features

We featured a lot of light and mid-tone wood cabinets, so we had to include a timeless dark design. These dark wood cabinets bring a sophisticated and unique vibe to the kitchen.

However, the plan is not overwhelmed by the dark color thanks to the stainless steel appliances and glass door upper cabinets. The little kitchen design touches can often tie the whole room together, so working with a custom kitchen design is often more time and money efficient than cheap, diy kitchen cabinets.

Types of wood kitchen cabinets

Many types of wood worldwide, but not all make fantastic kitchen cabinets. When choosing the natural wood you want for your cabinets, keep the following in mind:

  • Grain: different types of wood have different grain patterns.
  • Color: the natural color of the wood can be beautiful, but you can also use colors to change the color.
  • Construction: there are different ways to make wooden cabinets, and other construction methods can add to the cost of the cabinets.

Here are 10 popular types of wood cabinets:

1) red oak

Red oak is prevalent for kitchen cabinets because it is durable yet inexpensive. This wood works best for traditional cabinet styles because of its highly defined grain.

2) white oak

White oak is similar to red oak but stronger. The color has many golden tones to it with a grainy texture. White oak is only available for standard designs, not stock cabinets.

3) hickory

The natural light blonde tones in hickory can be left alone for a paler design or can be stained. The grain pattern and durability are similar to oak. You often see hickoryβ€”it’s well-suited to rustic, farmhouse-style kitchens, but it is rarely used in custom cabinetry.

4) hard maple

More expensive but less expensive than oak, hard maple is a popular choice for custom and semi-custom cabinets. Hard maple has a fine grain and a light color that can be stained. However, hard maple looks good with a natural finish for a sleek, modern feel.

5) birch

As an inexpensive but attractive wood, birch is famous for semi-custom and stock cabinets. It takes colors and finishes very well, so it can often disguise as expensive wood. Wood chips can help make them look like cherries or maple. Many homeowners prefer grain that is not obvious but has a grainy texture.

6) cherry

Cherry wood cabinets are durable and can withstand bumps and knocks. The reddish-brown tone of cherry darkens with age, and this type of wood is often used for traditional styles. Usually, cherry cabinets are stained so that the color is more uniform.

7) pine

Pine dents more easily than hardwoods. However, eastern white pine and western white pine are popular choices in cabinetry because of their diversity and fashionable appearance. Pine is often used in rustic country design because it usually has different knots in the wood.

8) ashes

Ash is similar to oak, but the color is much lighter. Ash features a straight-grain pattern that looks remarkably modern. Often, you will see ash used in semi-custom and custom cabinet designs.

9) walnuts

Walnut is a beautiful natural wood kitchen cabinets suitable for traditional and modern kitchens alike. The rich red-dark color adds warm sophistication to any kitchen.

10) pecans

Pecan wood cabinets are not the most popular but are unique, rare, and beautiful. This type of wood has a natural beauty due to the unique shape of the grain.

The grain is usually straight but can be wavy and have characteristics such as knots, streaks, and pinholes. These quirks make pecans an excellent choice for charming rustic designs.

Your cabinet choice affects your health

Β And even with the impersonal designs and styles, mdf can be dangerous to the environment and your health. Mdf is made to look like natural wood, but it couldn’t be further from it.

Mdf is made with an adhesive that contains formaldehyde, which “off-gases” in the air. The off-gassing of formaldehyde can cause health issues such as:

  • Irritation of the nose and throat
  • Itchy eyes
  • Increased risk of cancer

You are right; the cabinets you use every day around can end up causing you health problems. These gases add chips to our environment, especially when mass-produced in factories.

Although the environmental protection agency (epa) passed the formaldehyde emission standards for composite wood products act of 2010 that established emission standards, there is still no safe way to contain formaldehyde in your home.

The eco-conscious cabinet

The eco-conscious cabinet makers at puustelli care about your health and the environment. We have high-quality of our natural wood kitchen cabinets. When you choose cabinets from puustelli, you get eco-luxury that guarantees:

  • No mdf or chipboard
  • No formaldehyde-based glues
  • There are no endangered species of wood
  • 100% reusable biocomposite cabinet frames

You will read about how a custom cabinet is designed and customized to your lifestyle and design preferences. But, custom cabinetry comes down to way more than just design. Indoor air quality is essential to keep you healthy for a long time and protect any family members or guests who are immunocompromised. Pay attention to the products you bring into your home because you will be spending most of your days surrounded by your products. Fortunately, with puustelli natural wood cabinets, you will be safe from harmful gases while enjoying a refined, unique design.

Meet natural wood kitchen cabinets in your own home

We hope our ultimate guide has helped you feel inspired about your upcoming kitchen remodel. Even if you don’t have the budget to remodel your entire kitchen completely, choosing new cabinets can transform the space completely. You don’t have to be confined to everyone else’s multi-purpose stock cabinets.

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