Best led grill lights reviews & buying guide

Cooking outside after sunset can be difficult. But with led grill lights, you can enjoy barbecue without burning or burning the meat.Β 

They are mainly attached to any handle or shelf, so the light is directed over the cooking area, making it easier than using a flashlight or headlamp.

Electric grills are available in different sizes, colors, power sources, and more. Choosing between them depends on the user’s needs and preferences.

To choose the best grill light that suits your needs, we recommend considering the following factors.

Led count –

Leds provide bright white light with low energy consumption and long life at the same price. However, the led count is essential to check before purchasing these lights. It should provide proper lighting inside the grill. For small grills, go for a model with 9 leds, while for medium-sized ones, choose a light with 12 – 15 leds.

Lumens –

The brightness of the light is measured in lumens, which means that a lamp with more lumens gives a brighter and brighter light. The brilliance of most led grill lights will be 50 – 120 lumens. So, get a lamp with a lumen count for proper lighting. Also, check the wattage and number of lights the pack provides.

Adjustability –

Check if the lights are adjustable or not before investing in them. Some lights offer a flood beam to lighten the entire kitchen area quickly. At the same time, others have a gooseneck with 360Β° rotation to direct the light from different angles. Choose according to what you want to cook.

More information to help you choose a grill light is clearly stated in the “buying guide.” we have also come up with a list of the best led grill lights after carefully researching different products and using the same information.

Best grill light reviews

1. Kosin barbecue grill light

Most of the products offered by kosin are very popular and often have a high user rating which is valid for its rich grill lamps that can be great to have for your grill.

The kosin grill light is at the top of this list as it is one of the most reliable and feature-rich options. First, it comes with two lights in the box to light your grill correctly.

Although each lamp only has 9 leds inside, the brightness output is only average for the given price. The great thing about this grill light is that it uses a magnetic base and a very flexible gooseneck that makes this light work. But the best thing about led grill lights are that they come with a lifetime warranty making them very reliable.

Best features:

  • Provides two led grill lights  in a box
  • It uses 9 leds per light
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Reliable and durable grill light
  • It uses a flexible gooseneck
  • Two magnetic lights in a box


  • Average brightness output

2. Fire barbecue grill light

As you can probably tell from the brand’s name, fire makes various products related to campfires and grills, which means they also offer led grill lights that can be easily installed.

Fire’s grill light comes in second place on this list as it is easy to install, and you can start using it immediately. It is because apart from connecting two easy-to-use led grill lights, there are also 6 aaa batteries inside its box.

Just like the previous led grill lights  from kosin, this one also uses 9 leds, which are a little brighter. Another common feature in these led grill lights  is the flexible gooseneck they use. Unfortunately, unlike the previous one, this electric grill does not offer any manufacturer warranty.

Best features:

  • Provides two led grill lights in a box
  • It uses 9 leds per light
  • It comes with 6 aaa batteries in the box


  • Easy to install and use
  • Use a flexible gooseneck to adjust
  • Decent brightness output


  • It lacks any manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Image magnetic ultra-bright barbecue grill light

Compared to other options, image and its products like the led grill lights  mentioned here are affordable but still provide good performance to the user.

This image of grill light comes in the third position of this list as it is the most powerful option available in this article. 

And the best part about these lamps is that they both have 15 leds, resulting in a very bright output. Because this lamp provides excellent brightness while being the cheapest option on this list, you will get excellent value for money. While you get a 1-year extended warranty with it, these budget grill lamps lack a little in terms of build quality and power.

Best features:

  • Provides two led grill lights in a box
  • It uses 15 leds per light
  • It comes with a 1-year extended warranty


  • Perfect affordable pair of led grill lights
  • Excellent shine output
  • It offers a nice adjustable design


  • Build quality could have been better.

4. Weber 7661 touch grill light

Weber is one of the most popular brands known for providing quality products. Their product range includes gas grills, electric grills, smoke pits, charcoal grills, and more.

Their grill n go light is a multi-functional light that easily attaches to any grill handle. You can also remove it and use it for other lighting purposes. It is equipped with a motion sensor that turns on when you raise the grill and off when you close it. It will save battery life to a greater extent compared to other models.

The light emitted from this led provides a wide coverage area. So, you can see the entire cooking area. Compatible with most conference, soul, and genesis grills.

Best features:

  • Great place to close
  • Motion sensor
  • Detachable
  • It’s easy to connect


  • Good character
  • The light is bright
  • Compatible with most grills


  • Warranty details are not mentioned.

5. Led concepts bbq led grill lights

True to the name of this brand of led grill lights , led concepts uses led lights in many of its products which are known for providing a high brightness output, making them ideal for many occasions.

As you’ve seen with previous led grill lights from the yukon, led concepts is also a little on the original side. Unfortunately, this one also lacks any batteries in the box and comes with only one light, so you have to spend extra money for higher light output.

That being said, this one light can be enough for many because it gives a very bright output with its 12 leds. The 22-inch long gooseneck used with this light is very long and offers high adjustability. Unlike other premium brands, this one comes with a short 6-month-long warranty.

Best features:

  • It comes with one grill light in a box
  • It uses 12 leds per light
  • It comes with a 6-month extended warranty


  • It uses a very long gooseneck
  • High brightness grill light
  • Installation using a magnetic clamp


  • A grill light is expensive.

How to choose the best grill light:

Whether a weekend party or a quick dinner, grilling or barbeque is a great cooking option to impress your guests, the best led grill lights  prevent overcooking and add safety and convenience to your cooking.

It’s important to know what to look for and which one works best for your grill before investing in a grill light. So, we are here with a shopping guide that will allow you to choose the best option.

Let’s take a closer look at what factors to consider when buying a grill light.

1. Lumens vs. Watts:

Light intensity is measured in lumens (lm). A bulb with fewer lumens will provide a more subdued light, while more lumens will give a brighter light. The brightness range of most grill lamps is 50 – 120 lumens.

Alternatively, wattage (or watt) measures the amount of electricity consumed by a light bulb in an hour. Remember that high water means bright light. For example, a 50-watt halogen bulb produces the exact lumen count as a 6.5-watt led bulb. Generally, led grill lights  are designed to provide a bright light that works for hours at the same price.

Finally, the brightness of the grill light is measured in lumens. Its power consumption and energy efficiency are measured in lumens to calculate the light bulb’s output per watt. So, a bulb that emits a higher number of lumens per watt will make it last longer on a charge, thereby reducing your operating costs.

2. Heat resistance:

Not all electric grills are heat resistant. Investing in a product without this feature can be tricky since these lights are placed directly over the burner. The electric grill has an excellent heat-resistant design that protects efficiently when exposed to high heat or high flames. Warmth is essential if you want to cook on an open fire over coals for well-cooked meat.

3. Light type:

Bulbs emit different colors of light, from warm yellow to cool white. Kelvin (k) is used to measure the color of light on the kelvin scale, which ranges from 2000 – 8000 kelvins. Generally, yellow-toned light is produced by bulbs with low numbers on the kelvin scale, while bulbs have cool white or blue colored light with high kelvin.

Generally, cool lights are the perfect choice for task lighting because they make things look brighter. So, choose a grill light from 3500k – 4000k to have a focused, pure, white-hued light. However, it lets you see the color of the food while cooking on the grill and thus prevents you from burning/burning the food.

Some grill light models offer variable colors, such as rgb colors (red, blue & green). This light creates a mood but does not provide natural light to the work area. However, we cannot tell the difference between a rib-eye steak that is cooked medium and well done.

4. Bathtub type:

Generally, led grill lights have 3 – 7 bulbs in the fixture and are usually led type. The reason is that leds produce white, bright light with little energy consumption and last for a long time, about 10 hours per charge.

However, the number of leds will bring home the best brightness and design. If your light is not producing enough light, then you need to adjust three or four lights to the grill to light it. Alternatively, a grill light with an extensive led reading can illuminate the entire area. So, choose a grill lightly with at least 15 leds (or) go with 9 leds when you have a small grill.

5. Adjustment:

Adjustable lighting can help you direct the light wherever it is needed. Most electric grills use a flood beam to illuminate the entire cooking area. You can adjust this light by tilting it up or down to adjust the light intensity.

Some led grill lights  use a gooseneck type that allows you to direct the light at different angles, which are super-adjustable lights that are the best choice for deep grills. A light that offers 360Β° rotation is the most suitable choice over a light that provides limited adjustment.

The reason is that the 360Β° rotation of light allows you to focus the light wherever it is needed. And also, you can adjust this light up and down to place it in the center of the beam.

6. Waterproofing:

Climate stability is another factor to consider when purchasing any outdoor cooking equipment. It would help if you analyzed more because unexpected rain will destroy the grilling process until the light supports the change of weather.

Water shortens the life of the light and increases its ineffectiveness, and starts to rust when exposed to moisture. Most models offer waterproof construction, but rust is more common in cheaper models. The water resistance determines the durability and usability of the product. So, choose a grill light that is fixed or removable. Also, you can use the other side of the grill for a small party.

7. Paste method:

Wires and magnets are two essential methods to attach led grill lights to your grills.

Magnets: here, the light is attached to the grill by using a magnetized base. They work perfectly for all grills unless they are made of stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, or aluminum and have a flat connection surface. You should test the grill when buying this type of magnetic light.

Clamps: here, the lights are attached to your grill using a screw-tight clamp. Usually, these lights are coated so they don’t scratch the grill.

Note: a few electric grills offer clamp and magnetic connection methods, making them practical to use on different grills.

8. Power to supply:

Corded (electric outlet) and cordless (battery-operated) are the two main ways to power a grill light. Some led grill lights  have cords that need plugged into a nearby wall outlet. Most models are battery-powered, which use replaceable (aa or aaa batteries) or rechargeable batteries (lithium-ion or nickel metal hydride, nimh).

The lithium-ion battery is expensive and holds its charge for a long time, producing full power until it is exhausted. At the same time, nimh is affordable and provides less energy but drains quickly.

So, lithium-ion batteries are the best choice for led grill lights  that provide long battery life and bright light. With a built-in battery, some models are charged via a usb port.

You should consider some add-on features such as auto-shut-off (prevents unnecessary battery drain) or adjustable brightness level (saves energy) while choosing a battery-powered grill light for better use.

Make sure to turn off the lights when you’re not using them to save battery and make your shopping experience worthwhile.

9. Number of lights:

You should check the number of lights included in the package before investing in led grill lights . It is beneficial if your grills are significant, in which case you may need two or more lighting fixtures to cover the entire grill station. So, most led grill lights  come with two lights in the box. Some models offer only one morning in the pack, best suited for small grills.

10. Design:

The product’s construction and design are a must-consider feature when purchasing the product. When choosing a grill lamp, we recommend you not buy fragile plastics that quickly melt when exposed to heat and become sterile within a few weeks.

Instead, opt for powder-coated steel, aluminum, and rubber construction because of its high quality, durability, and long-lasting qualities. Choose an aluminum grill light with a rubber casing to provide heat and water resistance. Also, look for a product warranty, and we advise you to go with led grill lights for a minimum of two years.

11. Diversity:

Many people use lights with motion sensors that turn on/off when they lift and close the grill lidβ€”some like the flexibility of the gooseneck, especially when making sauces and sides. Always buy a grill light that is adjustable according to your cooking style. For example, a handle-mounted light system is enough to cover a small area and not use the prep area.

12. Adjustment:

The easy-to-adjust grill light lets you shine the light on the grill where you want to see it. On the other hand, the light and lack of physical adjustment make it challenging to use and ineffective. However, a gooseneck-shaped grill light is handy because of its ease of maintenance.

13. Price:

Electric grills can be purchased for less than $50. Most quality grill light models are available for less than $20. However, different prices are seen in models with other features and technologies such as different brightness settings, led technology, and color settings. So, the model with the best features will cost less, but check the quality before buying.

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