Best way to start your own pottery business

Pottery business is certainly one of the best hobby you can turn into a business. Starting your own pot business does not require a lot of money or crazy skills. As long as you know the basics of pottery making, you have some of the most trained and valuable tools, you can start selling your skills either as a side hustle or as a full-time business.

In this mini-document you will find information on how to start a pottery business divided into three categories: the location and equipment you will need, the legal requirements to start a business and how to promote and market your skills.

Let’s get started.

Location & equipment: soil, wheels, kilns and other tools

While you need your equipment to start a pot business, you do not have to have your own studio. Any place you can work well and safely from can be your pot studio can be a storage room in your room, basement, garage or even an upstairs room.

You can always find other easy places as your business grows and makes more money. Just make sure to read and understand the storage information on any device you will be working with, especially kilns, as they require significant adjustment depending on different types such as temperature, size or voltage. You can read more about kilns and security here.

When it comes to tools, it depends on the type of pieces you will be making and the techniques you use to create your craft.


Obviously you will need soil. If you are already thinking about opening a pottery business, you may be an expert on this subject. If you still want to read some information, here you can read everything you need to know about clay pot making.

You can always make a pot without large utensils using handmade techniques. So, if you are going to start a business, you will definitely need a pot wheel and horn, as they make the production faster and more efficient.

If you still do not know what kind of tire you should buy, here is a guide to what you should look for when buying a pottery wheel.

Kilns comes in a variety of sizes. They all work the same way, all depending on the number of pieces you plan to heat at once. At soul ceramics we sell pots of pottery ranging from 0.11 to 53 cubic feet.

When you start a pot business, usually the pots and pans are about the two largest planting holes you will have to make before you can start making money.

All other tools and equipment (modeling tools, storage gear, accessories etc.) Are very expensive and vary greatly depending on the type of equipment you will be making, so you probably only need a few to make. Start with.


We advise you to make a list of all the tools you will need and look them up online to know how much money they will need. You can then increase that amount to the price of a clay, chain and pot wheel and you will have a hard idea of ​​how much money you want to invest in the tools and materials needed to start your pot business.

Keep in mind though, that even if you start your own pottery business at home and save money for a separate studio rent, you will see an increase in your electricity and water supply.

Process for starting new business

In the united states of america, the legal requirements and fees for starting a new business vary from state to state.

You can run your own business as a private owner or register a once liability company, also known as llc.

In simple terms, being a proprietorship means that you are developing and marketing your own skills; there is no separation between you and your business and as a result, the money you make and sell the pot is paid as your personal income on your own tax.

A llc, however, is a separate legal entity that may be yours but it is self-funded and even has a certain tax identification number.

So technically, you will not be selling that pot but the llc will.

Depending on the size of your pottery business, how much it costs, how much you would like to be taxed, how you want to keep your belongings and more.

In this article published by the entrepreneur you can read more about the basics of business models in the us.


It is a good idea to ask your cpa or tax advisor to help you determine which option is best for you .

Promoting and marketing your skills: marketing for pottery business

If you want to start a business, marketing is another important tool that helps you drive sales.

There are several options in both digital and traditional global marketing that will help you sell land.

Digital marketing involves promoting your pottery business on the internet through social media, your website, ecommerce store or through other ecommerce platforms and markets.

Selling a pot using digital platforms is the best option for those who are planning to start a small business from scratch because it can be done cheaply compared to renting a showroom or other type of retail space.

There are several ways you can market your pottery online. You can create your own ecommerce store and promote it yourself or you can sell your art through an ecommerce platform/market that is already known and has traffic, in exchange for a commission.

For example, you can create your own estore and list your products on your website using shopify.

You can then drive traffic by speeding paid ads on facebook & instagram, by building a strong social media presence and then posting your followers to your site or by using internal marketing methods to drive organic traffic.

On the other hand, an example of a great ecommerce site where you can create an account and start selling pots easily without having to deal with creating a complete website and running ads, is etsy.

Is pottery business beneficial?

In the beginning, you may want to do more with the side money than your big money. Especially if you make pottery as you wish, you will not find it difficult to keep going with it.

Once you go with it, you have tons of opportunities to make a quick profit, but it takes time for you to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t expect land to be an easy business, but you can make a lot of money if you know how to do it. If you want to make real money in business, you need to have a plan for how to get started.

A handmade pot can especially make you a profit because of the time, skill, and resources involved.

What same conditions would cover general liability insurance?

Suppose you decide to give potty classes to your students. It helps you earn some money by promoting passionate love.

Unfortunately, a student is injured in the studio. With regular insurance, they pay you a student’s medical bills, legal fees, and anything paid from the courts.

Another example of how general liability insurance can cover you comes from having a driver design a land carrier. The driver loses sight of the ramp, and hits it as a result.

This not only breaks his rear bumper, but damages the wheel well. Having general liability insurance would compensate for the damage to his truck, at the expense of having a broken ramp.

Other types of commerce insurance that may require a potty store include:

You have other types of pottery stores that may need special types of seals. For example, you only need commercial auto insurance if you are using your own car to make products.

If you have an accident because of work-related work, someone else can sue your business, which could crush you without insurance.

Protect your pottery business

Insurance serves as a first line of defense, but you have other things to do to protect your business.

For example, use waterproof legal agreements that prevent a person from returning later to sue.

Again, you may want to set up a limited liability company (llc). This means that the business exists as a whole, protecting members and owners from personal guilt.

In other words, you can’t handle the daily work and the loans collected from the business.

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