Best white mouse for computer

Need a playful white mouse to go with your set? Take a look at our comparison of the seven best white sports mice available.

We recently looked at some of the best white keyboards on the market and today, we will be looking at some of the best white mice. So, if you are looking to integrate a rescue station or workspace with a lot of white embedded in it, these white mice (and a white keyboard in one of our guides) give you a good place to start finding peripherals that will work for you.

A Quick Look at The Best White Gaming Mouse

To get a quick look at our favorite computer mouse white, the table below shows our selection of the highest quality white mouse mice, the best wire selection, the highest value choice, and the best budget choice.

Razer Lancehead Tournament Ed

The Razer Lancehead Tournament edition mouse is designed for competition and Esports games, with 16 DPI, an optical sensor with a real tracking of up to 450-inches per second. It is a real tracking capability, combined with its 99.4-percent resolution system, which makes the Razer Lancehead faster and clearer than the usual white mouse for computers. Additionally, this mouse is powered by Synapse Pro Beta, allowing you to customize your settings and save them directly to your mouse, desktop, or cloud.

Suitable for both left and right users, the Razer Lancehead design fits safely in the palm of your hand, preventing stress and fatigue on the hands during long-distance play. Next to this white mouse, you get smoother, more stable grips for better control and easier maneuverability. More on that, you enjoy more than 50 million clicks with its Omron Transition enduring sports hours, without sticking to it or fainting.

The Razer Lancehead has integrated LED running lines on the sides, providing a wide range of colors and textures. These customized LED colors and pattern options allow you to set and save specific multi-game settings to illuminate your night-game game and enhance your overall experience. For a better sporting experience, the center wheel provides less resistance to rolling over, the left and right rotating action. The Razer Lancehead mouse is available in both wireless and wireless versions, giving you full control over your play.

Logitech G305

Weighing in at 99 grams, this white computer mouse uses an AA battery that gives you 250 continuous play hours and flashes red when batteries are low. For better control and mobility, this mouse shows the selected to design and plastic side decorated grips that fit snugly in the palm of your hand.

In addition to its wireless capabilities, this mouse uses advanced HERO performance-free-performance and 1-ms report rate. This optical sensor gives you the opportunity to change or adjust your DPI sensitivity settings from 200 to 12,000, providing competitive level listening and flexibility. Using Logitech’s gaming software, you can set up six mouse buttons with quick-action commands, DPI settings, and more. You can customize and save your button settings for all your favorite games using custom coding for recognition.

After adjusting the buttons, you can save these settings to the mouse on the memory board, so you can take your settings with you, regardless of where you choose to play. To add something to your event, each mouse displays LED flashlights and lights mounted inside the propeller wheel. During the game, you can adjust the LED lights’ colors and patterns and save them on the onboard memory.

Overall, the Logitech G305 is not only one of the best white sports mice available, but also one of the best wireless sports mice as well.

Logitech G203

Compared to other white sports mice on that list, the Logitech G203 is clearly the most important choice. The soft plastic design and smooth lines make it easy to use without frills. It boasts six buttons possible to quickly perform your rigid sports actions, and its center wheel means you will never pass. Each button provides a different coherence, response, and compression sensation, thanks to its button pressure lowering technology.

Most importantly, with Logitech’s innovative software, you can save all your buttons to the memory of the board, and you have selected from up to 16 million colors for your mouse illumination. These LED lights drop down both sides of the mouse, inside the logo at the top, and under the spray wheel for extra performance during the night play. When adjusting your light color, you can also change the pattern light and adjust the pattern to the run, creating different lighting sequences for each of your games.

While the adjustment and versatility are more difficult, it does not compare to Logitech 203’s 6,000 DPI optical sensor. This advanced sensor provides real-time and extremely fast-tracking speeds, and provides a response time that is 8-times faster than normal mice. With its high speed and order, this wireless mouse provides consistency and control, whenever you play.

Victsing Pro

The visiting Pro white gaming mouse uses a special design to relieve hand pain, and a non-slip, touch grip on both sides of the joint and control. Each mouse has 6-programmable buttons that you can render different commands and macros through a compact disc. These customizable buttons allow you to meet the requirements of all your favorite games and complete complex tasks effectively. To top it off, this mouse has a switch button that allows you to switch between different DPI settings for optimal configuration and real-time navigation.

Unlike other white mice on the list, the visiting Pro has 6 different DPI levels, reaches 7,250 DPI levels, and enjoys 20G upgrades, using its pro-game, visual sensor. On top of that, this mouse provides a fully customizable backlight, available through the driver. Setup options include ripple, flow, and neon lamp modes with drop-down lighting, and 16.8 million colors and color combinations. With RGB customized lights, you can match your character with your individual game, using the brightness of the world.

Compared to other options, the victsing Pro offers has more to offer in regards for sports planning and customization. It is also affordable compared to other white sports mice like Razer Lancehead. As for compatibility, it supports gameplay on Windows 7 through 10, Vista, Mac, and WinXP, giving you different gaming platforms.


The ROCCAT Kova has a soft design with refined lines and a polished frame for an attractive look and high comfort. The decorated side grips help you maintain control while keeping your arms stable, and the notched, 2D titanium wheel alone to move with confidence. Using Smart Cast technology, this mouse has two-button racing games that require a high level of display. With Smart Cast technology, you get twenty-two button functions, precisely organized through the ROCCAT Swarm driver system.

With ROCCAT Swarm driver, you can save all of your game settings directly to mice or store them on your PC. On top of that, this mouse has a built-in flashlight for the last person, which is possible through the Swarm driver. Your options for adjusting LED lights are endless with Talk FX and Alien FX lighting effects, 16.8 million color options, and different sequence patterns.

Putting its capabilities aside, the ROCCAT Kova uses a pro-optic, R6 sensor that folds up your DPI. Most importantly, with the Turbo Core v2 32-bit, hand-based MCU, combined with its advanced sensor, you get three hundred and fifty DPI up to seven hundred DPI in multiple modes. This sport mouse also offers 20 G upgrades and 1000 HZ voting kits for the perfect gaming compatibility, authenticity, and speed.

Redragon M901 PERDITION

The Redragon M901 PERDITION offers maximum control with the contoured frame and Teflon pads. You will never have to worry about game interruptions or restrictions with a gold-wrapped USB connection and a 6-foot woven fiber cable, designed for the latest USB cables. At 5.3 ounces, this white play mouse has 19 possible buttons, including 12 side buttons. All Omron switches use tension reduction Hardware that makes the switches easy to press and prevent sticking.

All of these buttons are organized by the driver, allowing you to create up to five memory profiles for your frequently played games. These profile profiles simplify your gameplay and make it easy to make difficult in-game moves. Through the driver, you also get to adjust your mouse LED Lights located on the sides and bottom of the scroll bar. The light resolution includes 16.8 million color options, five light modes, and color recognition for each of your memory profiles.

On top of that, the Redragon M901 PERDITION uses the Avago laser sensor with 16,400 DPI, 16,400 G upgrades, and 1000 HZ ballots to recreate your gaming experience. With this sensor, you will have improved the magic, better adaptation during fast-paced games, and event-free with each game.

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