Can you fast travel in black desert?

Can you fast travel in black desert? Traveling around the globe of the Black Desert is one of the great things you should get used to. Let’s take a look at the fastest ways to travel.

Quick Walking Guide in Black Desert

Currently, there is no rapid movement in the Black Desert. Probably not in the ordinary sense. You can’t call the world when you want it easily. While this may seem annoying, there are things you can do to reduce travel times.

Can you fast travel in black desert? Take Advantage for Auto-Pathing

Open your map and right-click or double-click anywhere. This will set the signal and the game will try to get you where you are going. It’s not fast moving the other way, but you can go to AFK if you let your character go where you want.

Like this, there are towns where you can ride Griffons, Ferries and Balloons. These bids work just as well as army-pathing. You just have to contact their NPC to get started. You can AFK during travel, like auto-pathing.

Decorate Gear That Promotes Movement Run

In simple terms, decorate any gear that increases speed. On that note, make sure you stick to the roads again as you get the speed bump debut off the highway.

Find Better Horses

Since you will no doubt be traveling a lot in the Black Desert, your bet is more likely to get a better horse. The selected tier 1 horses and donkeys you can find slow. Keeping and keeping them are your keys to speeding up horses. Thus, these processes can take time. Alternatively, you can buy good horses from other riders, but they can be expensive. However, getting a good horse is very important when traveling.

Use the Map

The closest thing to a quick walk found in the game is the Traveler and Archaeologist map. Traveler Maps are accidentally dropped by the mother in different locations. Animals killed in the following areas have the potential to drop Traveler Maps:

  • Desert Naga Temple in Valencia
  • Pila Ku Jail in Valencia
  • Roud Sulfur Works in Valencia
  • Aakman in Valencia
  • Hystria Ruins in Valencia
  • Roud Sulfur Mine in Valencia

Archaeologist maps, on the other hand, need to be prepared. The tools needed for them all are rare, however, so finding one can take time. Here are the requirements and how to access them:

  • Archaeologist Map Pieces 1 and 2: Killing Monsters at Roud Sulfur Mine
  • Archaeologist Map Parts 3 and 4: Killing Monsters at Pila In Jail
  • Blood Ruby, Ocean Sapphire, Gold Topaz and Forest Emerald: make or buy from the central market
  • When you have all 8 items you should put them in your drawer following the following picture:

Traveler Map is a one-time operation. Gone after one use. The Archaeologist’s Give is permanent, however, and can be used as often as you want. All maps have the same function. They are both teleport to the towns, similar in proportion to the fast-paced travel. Thus, there is a 6-hour cooler between teleports, so it is less in use.

Fast Travel Tips

Can you fast travel in black desert? Here are the tips that can help you.

  • Fast Travel with Friendly Face: Running in battle mode with your long face gives you 11% speed penalty.
  • Speed ​​Routes: Walking speeds are 100% off-road, 90% off-road, and 80% off shallow water. (In deep water, you start SLOOOOOW swimming and it is SLOOOOW the kisses of the death of the hills if you can’t whistle / call them once you get to the beach!)
  • Sprint: Shift key allows you to run on horseback on foot
  • Griffon, Ferry, & Sky Balloons: You can navigate through other npc. Heavenly Balloons cost some black Rock, but then they seem to take you where you are going. You can AFK still on them because they leave you. Griffon and Ferry have to wait until they arrive and you have to stay focused on the show in order to jump and go in real time. Learn more about Griffon, Ferry, & Sky Balloon Travel.
  • Buff + 5 Movement Speed: +5 equals 20% increase.
  • Traveler Map: expensive, but if you can afford it, why not? This is not usually a drop, 1 time to use the map will send you a call to the nearest town. 6 hours recovery. Current price: 725k Silver.
  • Archaeologist Map: Works as a Traveler Map, unless it is completely and allows two-way teleport, instead of one-way teleport. It will take you to the city of your choice (within the vicinity), but it will also take you back to the place you called from. With 6 hours cooling down after initial use, it has a 30-minute window to return to your original position.

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