Can you travel with a weighted blanket?

Can you travel with a weighted blanket? After hearing friends and family (and occasionally on social media influences) screaming incessantly over their heavy blanket, you finally got busy and found yours. And you absolutely love it! You have never slept better. Your blood pressure is low, and Sunday’s horror scary is a thing of the past.

But maybe you have a holiday coming and you can’t bear the feeling of not having your own heavy blanket on the whole trip. Or maybe you are experiencing a stress reliever and need something to help calm your nerves when you are 36,000 feet high.

Whatever the case, you need to know the answer to one simple question: Can you carry a heavy blanket on a plane?

Generally speaking, you should not worry about making it more secure with a heavy blanket. However, there are a few things you should know before you look at a heavy blanket in your luggage or bring another one on the plane with you.

Read on to learn how to fly with a heavy blanket and enjoy a comfortable flight.

What the TSA Says About Flying with Weighted Blankets

From the time the planes stopped handing out blankets to domestic airlines, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has seen countless blankets passing through its security checkpoints.

The agency, which oversees air safety, says on its website that blankets can be checked for luggage. Or packed in a luggage bag (as long as you have enough space). They don’t make specific rules regarding heavy blankets, so one might think that heavy blankets fall under this category.

If you need reassurance, the asktsa team on Twitter receives inquiries about heavy-duty blankets at all times. And always confirms that it is good to go by keeping a check.

Note that the TSA is responsible for the safety of internal and external aviation in the United States only. If you are flying outside the United States, you will need to double check with your country’s airport security agencies.

For example, CATSA, a Canadian authority that oversees the safety of Canadian airports, advises travelers to carry heavy glass. Or ceramic blankets in an oversight bag instead of carrying them.

Can You Bring a Heavy Blade to an Airplane?

Can you travel with a weighted blanket? Heavy blankets are widely accepted through TSA testing. But the question remains: Can you bring another one on the plane? The answer comes under air freight policy, the size of your heavy blanket and the ticket you purchased.

Most airlines allow you to board a plane with a carry-on bag and your belongings, such as a backpack or purse. The main rule is that luggage bags should weigh less than 30 pounds and weigh less than 22 “x 14” x 9 “(secure with your flight before departure).

Since most heavy blankets are under 30 pounds, you should be good at carrying one on the plane with you. Assuming that your luggage has not yet been loaded with other heavy items. The big issue is the size of your heavy blanket.

Unlike bags and books, blankets do not usually count as personal belongings. If you cannot fit your heavy blanket in your carry-on bag, it counts to your luggage bag. This can be a problem if you have purchased a low-cost ticket that does not allow for a full item (heck, first class).

Tips for Flying with a Heavy Blanket

Can you travel with a weighted blanket?  Walking with a heavy blanket should reduce your stress, not increase it. On a relaxing trip, keep the following tips in mind when traveling with a heavy blanket.

Call the airline first. Ask the airline about the tickets you are buying, as well as their baggage regulations. This will help you to avoid any surprises!

Lower your heavy blanket. Leave your blanket at full weight at home and choose a blanket that weighs more than walking. Our travel-heavy blanket brings the same-remove stress, sleep-lifting benefits as a regular heavy blanket. It comes only in compact size and easy-to-carry!

Quick to appear. While most heavy blankets do this through TSA security monitoring without any problem. Some X-ray machines can flag your blanket as suspicious. Budget time for this to prevent unnecessary stress.

Do not leave your heavy blanket unattended. If you want to use the living room or grab a snack, bring your own heavy blanket. (This is where your heavy blanket is found!)

Consider some of the choices that make a person sleepy. Do you want to walk the lights without losing your sleep? Consider packing a range of accessories that may enhance your sleeping position, such as a high-quality sleep mask to protect against light or a pressure-relieving airplane to reduce noise and improve your comfort.

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