Garden maintenance: which provider to choose? What services are offered?

The garden is an element of decoration for the house. Having a nice big house is good, but adorning it with a beautiful garden is even better.

To maintain its good condition, regular maintenance is essential. Today, many garden maintenance services are offered. Services vary with each landscape contractor.

Some offer one-time services while others offer annual maintenance services. In this article, discover everything you need to know about garden and green space maintenance. Read below: are mushrooms growing in my garden bad?

Garden maintenance: the different services offered

There are several types of garden maintenance. Generally, they depend on the landscapers and the individuals who need the service, but also vary according to the positions to be maintained.

For garden maintenance, a landscape contractor can contribute to several positions.

Shearing, trimming hedges, overhauling shrubs and fruit trees, as well as upkeep of beds, are some of the maintenance services he can perform. Weeding, digging, cleaning paths and terraces, picking up seasonal leaves, and overwintering plants that need protection are also jobs that a landscaper can do.

Depending on the needs, the landscape contractor can generally offer between 10 to 14 mowings for a year.

This is an intervention that can vary according to the seasons. Why is my garden not growing? This is why it is not possible to define a precise figure.

For example, when winter comes too late, the number of mowings may increase. On the other hand, it will be reduced for a summer that lasts longer and is a little dry.

With regard to the size of hedges, the number of interventions in a year may depend on the type of hedge itself. For a coniferous hedge, for example, most of the time one pruning is enough for a year.

Moreover, in the case where it is a varied, leafy, and flowering hedge, it is possible to count up to two sizes.

For the revision of shrubs and fruit trees, the intervention also varies according to the needs of the individual, but the landscaper can also give some advice for success.

In general, an annual review is sufficient for the maintenance of a fruit tree.

On the other hand, shrubs may require up to two interventions. It is the same for the cleaning of the massif, the landscaper carries out one or two interventions per year during which he revises the ground by adding fertilizer, carries out a leveling of the mulch as well as a cutting off the edges.

Note that it is also possible that it controls the appearance of weeds during mowing passes.

Other services performed by a landscaper for how to grow grapes in a small garden and garden maintenance

Apart from the services mentioned above, it is good to know that the task of waste disposal can also be entrusted to a landscaper. Indeed, most contracts define it, because this task is already included in the estimate.

Some tips for choosing a company to maintain your garden

However, it is possible to ask to keep it if the customer wishes to recycle it or make compost. In this case, this service may be deducted from the quote.

As stated above, there are several garden maintenance service providers. As it is not always easy to find the right one, here are some tips for choosing a garden maintenance company. First of all, it is recommended to choose companies that have a Human Services or SAP certification.

This not only allows you to benefit from quality services but to earn a tax reduction for maintenance. Indeed, with these companies, a deduction of 50% of the invoice amount on the tax return is possible. In addition, no administrative procedure is to be done since it is the company that automatically sends a tax certificate.

Also, it is preferable to choose a company that offers maintenance services adapted to the budget in order to avoid overspending on the simple garden and green space maintenance. It is necessary to request a garden maintenance estimate from the landscape contractors in order to know which company to choose.

Garden maintenance quote: which provider to choose?

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In general, the garden maintenance estimate varies according to the services offered. Since it is not always easy to maintain the garden regularly, entrusting it to a professional is necessary. Three choices of service providers are possible: an artisan gardener, a garden and green space maintenance professional or an approved company.

With a specialist, the work is carried out with his own equipment and the services are invoiced with a VAT rate of 10 to 20%.

This is a rate that varies depending on the operations. Moreover, with a specialized company, the conditions are identical to those of the specialist, but regular maintenance package proposals are possible. It is good to specify that with a self-employed gardener,

Of course, the cost of the service depends on the specialist chosen. Compared to that of a specialized company or a landscape architect, the price of a gardener is less expensive.

As mentioned above, the customer requests several garden maintenance quotes in order to better compare and make the right choice.

According to the service providers, the garden maintenance estimate also depends on the work they have to carry out. It can therefore vary depending on the number of fruit trees, the size of the beds to be maintained and the area of ​​the green spaces to be mowed.

An evaluation according to accessibility for loading or unloading the equipment used as well as the disposal of waste is also possible. With some service providers, the degree of the requirement of the customer is also taken into account in the estimate.

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