Health benefits of organic turmeric powder

Health benefits of organic turmeric powder: Most of us are familiar with health benefits of turmeric as it quickly heals and acts as the best antibiotic. But care must be taken to buy organic turmeric powder as it is cultivated using natural farming methods and strictly forbids the use of chemicals, fertiliser and pesticides.

The health benefits of turmeric can be assured only when one uses pure turmeric powder which has good amount of curcumin, the key ingredient of turmeric. While we often hear the uses and health advantages of turmeric, most of us fail to notice if the pure turmeric powder is rich in its natural compound curcumin, which is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and this is what makes turmeric healthy. Also known as Curcuminoids, curcumin has the potential to treat many deadly diseases. Several research reports indicate that curcumin is also effective in destroying cancer causing cells.

Health benefits of curcumin rich organic turmeric powder:

  • Fights infection
  • Relieves cough, cold, congestion
  • Eases joint pains
  • Helps improve digestion
  • Cleanses respiratory system
  • Reduces bloating
  • Provides relief from itching
  • Quickly heals wounds
  • Reduces sinus pressure
  • Improves body’s ability to digest fats
  • Helps weight loss
  • Lowers cholesterol

How to identify world’s best turmeric powder?

Turmeric is a ubiquitous product and the plethora of choices makes it more vulnerable for adulteration. Some people prefer using fresh turmeric root but majority use turmeric powder for convenience. Due to its widespread use, turmeric is prone to adulteration. Quite often, curcumin is extracted and the residue is sold at a lower cost. In some case it might be mixed with chalk powder or starch. Despite regulations in place, the quality of turmeric varies because of unhealthy practices followed by some traders.

Though there are many brands selling pure turmeric powder, Lakadong turmeric stands unique and is considered to be world’s best turmeric powder. This exclusive turmeric is reputed for its highest curcumin. The studies on role of curcumin in fighting cancer and other ailments has further increased the demand for original Lakadong turmeric.

What makes this pure turmeric powder so special?

Lakadong β€˜Chyrmit’ (local Jaintia word for turmeric) is known for its medicinal values and highest curcumin content between 7 – 10%. In the West Jaintia Hills district’s Nongbah-Shangpung belt, lakadong farming is highly concentrated. It is possible to collect these rhizomes from December to April.. There is a high demand for this turmeric for medicinal use in addition to culinary and cosmetic uses as well.

According to the Indian Council for Agricultural Research, the oneness of the ecological situation in this region enables Lakadong variety to perform exceedingly well, yielding veritably high curcumin when compared to other locations. The hilly terrain, suitable climate, rich soil and organic methods of farming have helped farmers to produce the world’s best turmeric powder in India. This particular turmeric with high curcumin is grown only in the North Eastern region.

Why should you prefer organic turmeric powder?

Organic turmeric is cultivated using traditional farming techniques and natural manure. The land with mineral rich soil is identified to cultivate turmeric. Turmeric derived from organic farming is not only pure with its innate nutrient properties intact but is also rich in natural medicinal values to heal and cure many ailments. Since pesticides are not used, it is safe to consume and retains anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic properties. The packaging of organic turmeric powder is usually eco-friendly and lists out nutrient composition and health benefits. Authorised organic certification companies inspect and certify organic products. There is no room for preservative addition.. Apart from cooking, organic turmeric powder helps treat various medical conditions including inflammation, viral infections, cold, cough and respiratory ailments.

Medicinal benefits of organic turmeric powder

Effective remedy for pains – Pure turmeric powder has analgesic effects that help reduce joint pains, swellings and conditions like arthritis and back ache.

Eases cold, cough, sore throat – Since organic turmeric powder does not lose out on its natural medicinal properties, it is highly effective in treating seasonal infections including cold, cough and sore throat.Consumption of a glass of warm water with ΒΌ teaspoon of organic turmeric powder, ΒΌ teaspoon of black pepper powder and 1 tablespoon of pure honey helps clear infections and provides quick relief.

Turmeric works better with pepper – Though curcumin is highly beneficial for health, it works well only when it is properly absorbed in the body. Black pepper contains a substance called Piperine that helps in easy absorption of curcumin. Hence it is beneficial to combine turmeric and pepper with milk or warm water.

Ayurvedic remedies – Ayurvedic Practitioners have been using pure turmeric powder to treat respiratory conditions, liver disorders, cold and cough. According to Ayurveda the three energies namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha must coexist for a healthy body. And natural food like turmeric, ginger, pepper, honey helps in balancing these three energies, when used in right combination.

Whether you use organic turmeric powder in your favourite dishes or tea, kashayam or use it as a topical application, this king of root spices works wonders with its health benefitting properties.

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