How to choose the right high pressure water gun for Car wash 2023

High pressure water gun cleaners and water blasters are used in everything from oil extraction machines on a mine site to cleaning building roofs.

How to choose the right high pressure water gun

Finding a pressure cleaner with the correct specifications is essential to get the results you need for your job.

In high-pressure water cleaners and water blasters, pressure works to loosen the material to be cleaned while the flow is used to wash it.

At first glance, it may seem that the more pressure is used, the more influential the cleaning, while other applications require more pressure but more flow.

Then some applications require high pressure high pressure water gun to loosen the material and increased flow to remove it.

The water temperature and the cleaner’s ability to absorb the chemicals are also critical when choosing your portable high pressure water gun and water blaster.

high pressure water gun
high pressure water gun

1. Pressure

In a high-pressure water cleaner or water blaster, the pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi).

Whether using a mine spec pressure washer, an industrial pressure washer, or a rental spec pressure washer, you need a high-pressure level not too high to cause injury.

3,000 psi is a good cleaning power, such as on a honda galvanized water blaster, while higher pressure is needed for removing sticky materials or grease.

For example, when you remove bubble gum from a concrete floor. You can have as much flow as you want, but the thing won’t budge until a pressure of 4,000 psi is applied.

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This kohler super-duty mine spec pressure cleaner is an excellent example of a high-pressure water blaster.

Once the water blaster pressure reaches over 4,000 psi, it goes into removal rather than cleaning. It benefits applications such as removing paint or removing β€˜freebies’ from boats.

Some high-pressure washers or water bombs can operate at pressures up to 7,000 psi; however high, pressure hoses and fittings are required to use these washers safely.

2. Flow

Water flow is measured in liters per minute (lpm). Different flow rates are available for industrial pressure cleaners, mine spec pressure cleaners, and rental spec pressure cleaners.

A flow rate of 18lpm is ideal for most applications, but a higher rate is needed when there is a large amount of material to clean, such as washing large amounts of sludge from a truck.

Another example of a pressure cleaner with a high flow rate is the perkins super duty mine spec pressure cleaner. It was used for heavy industrial work to remove old, hardened waste from large storage silos.

3. Heat

Things that are very difficult to move need to be heated to increase energy and flow.

We have worked with Queensland rail, which uses a lubricant called black jack which works very well but is difficult to change. In these types of applications, hot water should do the cleaning job.

Some products, like this washmate wash bay, use a built-in gas heater to produce hot water.

4. Chemicals

When choosing a pressure washer, your final consideration is its ability to absorb cleaning chemicals. You can find your best pressure washer for applications that don’t require chemicals.

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But you might want to use it for something that needs them in the future.

If there is a chance that you will be using chemicals with your water blaster, make sure that the pump has the fittings to handle the venturi attachment required for them.

They are highly respected high-pressure water cleaning specialists – for every application.

Instructions for use of industrial high-pressure water gun

A high-pressure cleaning machine, a high-pressure water jet cleaning machine, is also called a high pressure water gun. Which makes the high-pressure plunger pump produce high water to wash the object’s surface through the power plant.

When the water damage is more significant than the dirt and surface adhesion of the article. High-pressure water is removed and swept.

First of all, read the instructions provided by the seller in detail and choose the appropriate power cable.

And power supply box according to the power and voltage of the portable high pressure water gun. Attention must be paid to the voltage, which is 380v. Otherwise, the car will be burnt.

In addition, the voltage imbalance can overload and heat the motor, too. Another point that is not easily considered is that the small area of ​​the electric cable section will cause the excess.

Not to satisfy the required current of the motor, thus causing the unstable operation of the water gun.

Then, please choose the suitable inlet pipe according to its flow. Most of the equipment uses 6 points of water pipe. If it is too narrow, the flow pressure will not resist, causing more wear and tear on the seals.

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Keep in Mind

Second, remember that the high-pressure pipe should not be connected to the discharge of the high pressure water gun  in the first place.

After opening the heads, water flows from the outlet. If not, you should check the water pressure and the one-way valve in the crankshaft pump to see if there is a problem.

For the old-factory machine will join the antifreeze test machine. Making the high pressure water gun work for 1 minute without connecting the pressure pump.

Then, connecting the upper pipe and the pressure water gun to avoid the jitter is difficult. Working for two minutes without a nozzle to squeeze out the air in the extensive line.

Finally, listen to some words:

Generally speaking, the maintenance function of an industrial-grade high-power high-pressure water gun cannot be overstated. It can be used safely if there are no abnormal pressure, flow, or temperature conditions.

In general, the intense water pressure from the industrial best high pressure water gun  is high enough to remove the dirt entirely.

Which makes the high-pressure cleaning machine an industry-known as one of the ways to clean the environment, economically and scientifically.

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