How to Draw a Fire? A Complete Guide

Learn how to draw a large fire with cool drawings instructions easily and step by step and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful fire design. Fire, flame, fire, ember, hell. The English language contains many words that mean “fire.”

There is even more if you include words describing uses or specific types of fire – fire in camp, the fire of joy, forest fire, wildfire, torch, criminal fire, rear, or pip. In cultures worldwide, fire has been used to indicate events and emotions – from destruction, rebirth, and pain to passion and purification. The mythological phoenix would have disappeared in the flames when we knew to get out of the reborn ashes.

This drawing tutorial focuses on a specific type of fire – bonfire – but the skills acquired in this simple design guide and step by step can be applied to any application where you should draw a flame. You can also use a rubber to correct errors and pencils, markers, or colored pencils to color the finished drawing.

An illustration accompanies each stage of this drawing tutorial. In each illustration, the new lines introduced at the current stage are highlighted in blue. The lines drawn in the previous steps are indicated in black. You can draw a little at first because it will erase some of your first lines as you advance.

Drawing of Fire

Step 1:

Start by drawing a rectangle

Step 2:

In the rectangle, draw several lines that extend from the center to the edges. The lines will look like a Starburst reason, and some lines can find themselves in the middle, including the triangles.

Step 3:

Delete the rectangle.

Step 4:

At the end of each line, draw a circle, an oval, or a curve line to connect the lines.

Step 5:

In each circle or oval, draw a spiral.

Step 6:

Draw a semicircle, open at the top, through the star’s center.

Step 7:

Draw a series of “s” lines above the semicircle, finding free points. These lines should block the figure.

Step 8:

Between the curved spray of the drawn flame in the previous step, draw more sets of curved lines that are sharp points.

Step 9:

Extend another set of curved lines up, ending with a direct point.

Step 10:

Draw another set of curved lines, ending with a clear point.

Step 11:

Keep filling in the gaps between the flames. Draw another set of curved lines, ending with a blunt point.

Step 12:

Draw sparks that lick flames. Do this using two short lines, including a shape pointed to the top and bottom. Draw several of these forms above the flames.

Step 13:

Draw two other sets of flames using curved lines.

Step 14:

Draw another trunk at the base of the fire. First, draw two parallel lines. Connect the lines to one end using an oval end and another using a curved line.

Step 15:

Add a texture to the newspapers. Draw revolving lines, curved lines, and curved triangles to indicate the shell in each newspaper.

Step 16:

Give your bonfire a land where you stand. Draw a long line of a right horizon that passes behind the base of the fire. Then draw several shorter straight lines to the horizon to indicate the soil.

Step 17:

Color your fire. Flames may vary naturally in color from blue to white to yellow, orange, and red.

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