How to Embed Facebook Feed into Your Website like a Boss?

Embed Facebook Feed: Facebook showed about 1.93 Billion user reach on a daily basis making it a highly impactful platform. People share all kinds of reviews, information, opinions, etc. on Facebook. They tag, mention, post stories, share short videos and so much more keeping others updated on information.

Facebook is one of the most used platforms for people to go and look for a brand’s social presence. About 180 Million businesses have a business page on facebook making it important for brands to promote their page in unique and innovative ways to stand out and get noticed by potential customers.

Embed Facebook Feed to your website, you are not only increasing you website layout and improving it’s content quality but also enhancing user experience by providing your visitors with relevant content. Let’s look at a 4 ways to embed facebook feed in your website.


Ways to Embed Facebook Feed to your Website

1.Β Β  Social Media Aggregators

Third party social media aggregator tools like Taggbox offer you an easy and effective way to build your Facebook Widget and embed it in your website. These tools help you with create highly engaging and responsive Facebook widgets that can boost conversion rates.

Creating Facebook feed Widget is extremely easy, you have the option to customize your widget as per your requirements. You can edit the background, layout, design, color palette and much more. These tools provide their users with moderation panels that help in removing all the irrelevant content from your widget.

These Social media aggregator tools help their users with an analytic section, which keeps a track on the performance of your widget. You can keep a constant check on your performance to keep up with the trends and make the necessary changes whenever required.

2.Β Β  Install Official or Third-party Plugins

This option is available for WordPress websites. It is one of the most easiest way to embed your facebook posts in the website. Facebook for developers website offers its users with various plugins like Page plugin, comments plugin, and quote plugin.

Facebook does not have monopoly over providing plugins. You can use third party plugins that provide you with easy approach for incoporating facebook into your website. Also You have the freedom to customize your content length, type, style, etc. you also have full control over what to display and how to manage it on the website.

You have the option to provide a vast variety of content making it one of the most popular ways to embed facebook feed. And You can also embed user-generated content from all over your facebook mentions, tags, etc. These plugins are responsive and help in getting a high SEO rank.

3.Β Β  Facebook Self Embed option

Apart from plugins, Facebook also have a self embed option where you can embed posts directly from facebook app/website to your brand website. You have the option to utilize Facebook for Developer’s embedded posts code generator to incorporate public facebook posts in your website directly.

For public posts, you can see the icon on top right corner, select β€œembed post”. For photo posts, you will see the menu option on the bottom right corner. Once you select β€œembed post” you will be redirected to another page where a code will be generated. All you have to do is copy the generated code and paste it in your website backend code.

While this is an easy and fast option to embed posts. It comes with a disadvantage that users cannot embed multiple posts in one go. You are required to embed each and every posts one by one which time consuming.

4.Β Β  Embed Post Images in website

This option allows you to embed various screenshot of facebook posts as images in your website. You can visit the editor page of your website, choose the webpage and add the post screenshot directly from your device’s internal memory.

This option allows you to have a variety of options to display these posts. You can have a separate web page for reviews and just include UGC images on your review page. You can also add carousels or banners with these images. This is a great way to update your website to look more professional and provide users with authentic UGC and other relevant content.


Using facebook users to become your brand advocates help you with engagement and ultimately improve your sales. Embedding Facebook reviews and other brand content to your website provides your visitors a sense of your brand’s social media presence.

Your website is first point of content between users and your brand. You can also provide facebook follow, share, comment, and like buttons in the website to make it easy for users to follow you on facebook. If visitors like what they see on your website, they are more likely to follow you. This is an efficient approach to enhance your facebook presence.

People have been using facebook before trusting brands, having a good facebook user base and profile can immediately develop a sense of trust in the user’s eyes. Facebook is a strong platform for sharing opinions and initiating causes. Your brand can have a sure shot successful marketing campaign by using facebook.

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