How To Gift Sympathy Flowers To Your Close Ones

Sympathy Flowers: Flowers represent all kinds of emotions, sympathy and condolence being one of them. When you see members of your family or friends circle going through a difficult time, the least you can do is try to lift their mood by sending them some flowers from the bestFlower Shop Barry’s Bay ON.

Sympathy flowers can be sent for many reasons. Whether someone’s trying to cope up with the demise of a dear one, or suffering from an ailment themselves, sending flowers is always an appropriate move. However, knowing about the following things will make it even more perfect.

7 Tips to Gift Sympathy Flowers to your close ones

Here are a few tips that may help you gift the most appropriate sympathy flowers to your dear ones.

Send sympathy flowers not funeral flowers

When sending flowers upon hearing of someone’s passing, ensure that you send the most ideal flowers. The first thing to remember is that sympathy flower bouquets are different from funeral flowers. They are sent to the family of the deceased. These flower bouquets are generally small and typically sent as a tribute during the memorial service.

Attach a note or a message

Your physical presence would be the most comforting for your close ones during such times. However, if you cannot be present ensure to send a thoughtful note along with the flowers. In the note, express your feelings and convey how you are with them. Tell them that they have your support and love.

Ensure keeping the message short

Sending flowers with a thoughtful note is the right etiquette when gifting sympathy flowers to close ones. But that does not mean writing a letter.

Though you may want to pour your heart out in such situations, keep the message short and simple. Condolence phrases, short sympathy messages, grief quotes, or simple two custom lines are sufficient.

Send an appropriately sized bouquet

Choose the right size of sympathy flower arrangement. If the arrangement is too big, it can be a problem during delivery. Also, huge bouquets draw unnecessary attention during such situations. So, ensure that the size is neither too big nor too small.

Flower shops in Barry’s Bay ON offer a wide range of sizes for these flower arrangements. You can pick one and place an online order.

Time of sending sympathy flowers

A common question that comes to mind when sending sympathy flowers is when should you send sympathy flowers. Well, sympathy flowers are generally sent as soon as you hear about someone’s passing. But you can also send the flowers when things have calmed down a little.

Sending condelence flowers, a couple of days later and after the funeral is over is appropriate. It will show that you think of them and are still there to support them.Β 

Choose the perfect flowers

Some common condolence flowers include roses, lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums, carnations, etc. But if you know of the deceased’s favorite flower, send those. Also, you can go for a few uncommon blooms like freesias and baby’s breath.

However, ensure that the color of the flowers is either white or subtle pastel shades. Avoid sending yellow or orange as they symbolize joy, positivity, etc., and are perfect as Get Well flowers.

Get the flowers delivered straight to the receiver’s home

People often get confused about where to send the flowers. It is more common and appropriate to send sympathy flowers to the deceased’s home rather than the funeral.

Funeral flowers are different and they are mostly chosen by the deceased’s family. Also, if you send the flowers to a church or crematorium, they may get misplaced.

So, pick the best bouquet as per your choice and get it delivered to the deceased’s home. For sympathy flower delivery in Barry’s Bay, ON, contact Barry’s Bay flowers and their online website, and place an online order today!

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