How to preserve cut flowers for a long time

Preserve cut flowers: Fresh cut flowers can light up the entire room. However, if not properly cared for, the flowers can wilt and die prematurely. Flowers can be pretty expensive, and seeing your pricey flowers getting wasted within a short time is heartbreaking.

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Fortunately, there are a lot of things that you can do in order to elongate their shelf life. If you follow these procedures, you’ll see that your flowers are lasting for a long time. Here’s a list:

Cut the Stems before Placing in Water

After purchasing any flower, you have to cut the stems before placing them in water. It is vital to keep cutting the stems so that the flowers get fresh water.

Thus, the water gets penetrated into the stem making the flowers live longer. Also, ensure that there is no foliage in the water. Foliage can help grow microbial organisms.

Regular Pruning

To all flower lovers, it is an important one. Pruning is necessary to cut off the dead or extra parts of the stem of the flowers. Ideally, Sierra Madre florists advice that you should cut the stem of the flower at a 45 degree angle to ensure the maximum surface space.

This allows the flowers to absorb the most amount of water, and keeps the flower alive for a longer time. So, keep pruning at alternate days in order to elongate your flowers’ lives.

Choose the Right Container

It is also essential to choose the proper container size as this is an important component in the flowers’ lifecycle. One excellent option is a low vase such as a small bowl or cube, as it needs some trimming to the length of the stems.

The flowers’ stems must be cut to fit into the container. A ceramic or dark vessel can help prolong the flowers, which stops sunlight into the water. Sunlight can sometimes increase the rate of decay.

Give the Flowers Food

Preserve cut flowers: While attached to a plant, the flowers receive carbohydrates which the leaves produce by photosynthesis. After the flower is cut, not many leaves are left to make food for it. So, it is very important to add sugar. In case your bouquet comes with sucrose-rich food for the flowers, ensure to go through all the instructions.

Also, offer the flowers a proper volume of water. Most supermarkets and South el Monte flower shops offer pre-packaged combinations of all the essential preservatives. These preservatives help the cut flowers stay alive for a long time. Rather than buying food packets for your flower, you can make your own at home.

Handle Bacterial Growth

With sugar comes bacteria. Hence, to reduce bacterial growth, there are many household items which can be mixed in the right proportion.

By doing so, the flowers will live longer. For example, small chlorine bleach can help in getting rid of microorganisms if added to water. To ensure that the bleach does not degrade in the presence of light, air and water, change the water regularly.

However, the lifespan of all the cut flowers depends on their freshness and species. Fresh flowers sourced from local florists have a longer chance of survival since they arrive at your place within a short time. It is also essential to change the water regularly.

Some people also put the flowers in the refrigerator at night, as lower temperature goes well with flowers. In short, if you follow some or all of these procedures, it will definitely help your flowers to thrive for a long time.

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