How to Start a Relationship Blog?

How to start a relationship blog? Considering launching a blog where you offer suggestions to aid others in their relationships? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot because this post will cover how to launch a blog offering relationship advice.

People are now using the internet for increasing purposes as it continues to expand. For example, it’s used to find recipes, sources for essays, and a private place to obtain advice on sensitive issues like relationships, sex, and other things that can be awkward to discuss.

As a blogger who offers relationship advice, you have the potential to connect with individuals at a time when they truly need it and use your suggestions to improve their relationships.

What is a blog that offers relationship advice?

A website that offers advice on love, intimacy, sex, societal issues, self-awareness, and the connection is known as a relationship advice blog. It contains articles, videos, audio, graphics, and other media. A relationship advice blog may offer specialized guidance on the following:

  • Parenting
  • Family
  • Marriage
  • Friendship
  • dating
  • community

Adapting to professional settings

How to start a relationship blog? it could also be a compilation of many relationship-related subjects.

Later in this piece, I’ll provide more guidance on how to put this into practice.

What do bloggers offering relationship advice do?

Bloggers specializing in relationship advice offer their professional insights on handling challenging circumstances. In addition, depending on their educational background or personal experience, they may provide advice that internet users value.

Making a material that addresses relationship issues and ensuring it is promoted to reach the audience that needs it is the two most crucial aspects of being a relationship counseling blogger.

Is Online Relationship Advice in Demand?

Being an evergreen niche, relationship advice is something people look for all year long. View the Google Trends graph below for more information.

As you can see, people are constantly trying to find solutions to relationship issues. As a result, many more search terms are pertinent to a blog that offers relationship counseling.

If you’re interested in what subjects might be popular, add a few words below that you imagine someone might type into Google if they’re having a relationship issue. You may verify the demand for the search keyword online by finding out how many times each month the phrase is entered into Jaaxy.

Additional Relationship Subjects People Search For Online

Although you saw me enter five keywords into Google Trends (above), billions of searches are made daily, some of which are about resolving interpersonal conflicts. Here are some examples of some additional popular online search terms:

  • Knowing when to end a relationship
  • How to recognize bad relationships for you
  • How to identify the end of a relationship for good

Examples of Relationship Advice Blogs

If you’re debating whether to launch a blog offering relationship advice, you could also find it interesting to look at some successful blogs as examples. Check out some of the relationship advice blogs listed below.

The Orlando Date Night Guide (Local Date Ideas) costs $8,333 monthly.

Kristin Manieri founded Orlando Date Night Guide after being shocked by the number of fun venues to go on dates in Orlando (outside amusement parks).

Even though they had lived in Orlando their entire lives, she realized that when she would chat with people about date night ideas, many of them were unfamiliar with the locations she mentioned.

She started Orlando Date Night Guide as a passion project and worked on it for seven years without receiving any compensation! Later, she decided to monetize the site and started earning money through advertising for nearby companies.

As a result, Orlando Date Night Guide now receives over 80,000 unique monthly visits and has over 90,000 followers on social media. The purpose has also grown into other spheres and produced a national guide to date nights.

Orlando Date Night Guide reportedly generates over $100,000 in annual advertising revenue.

Pulling Curls ($6,631/mo.) (Family, Travel)

The author of Pulling Curls, Hilary, is a mother, nurse, wife, and organizer. Her blog offers a more eclectic range of relationship advice. In her writing, she discusses house management, family dynamics, and pregnancy and childbirth.

When Hilary wrote her most recent income report, Pulling Curls’ website had 170,715 pageviews. Ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored pieces, and her items’ sale are the primary income sources for her blog. In June 2017, the blog generated a total income of $6,631. (Faith-Based Relationships, Family, and Inspiration)

A news blog called presents inspirational tales about love, family, and other topics. Their frightening stories demonstrate a moral and ethical approach to handling interpersonal interactions and significant life events. They employ a staff of writers and editors, and because of the excellence of their tales, they receive 2.5 million monthly visitors in addition to 76,000 subscribers to their email list.

They generate revenue by offering direct-to-consumer advertising and placing display adverts on their website.

Step-by-Step Instructions on how to start a relationship blog

You can see that there is a need for relationship advice online, and I want to now walk you through the process of starting a blog that offers this advice.

  1. Pick a niche

It’s crucial to note that there are more than 4.5 billion internet users worldwide, and every single one deals with relationships in some form. So while it’s practically hard to address all of the issues people seek online, you can select a niche or demographic you’ll concentrate on serving.


These are some more specific divisions of the relationship advice sector. From here, you’ll need to focus more on the everyday practical problems individuals face, but these themes can help you narrow your attention.

  • Finding the Right Mate for Single Women
  • Finding the Right Mate for Single Men
  • Advice on Marriage
  • Getting Over Trauma
  • Interactions between adolescents and teenagers
  • Ideas for a Special Location Date Night
  • Domestic fidelity
  • Advice for Disabled People on Relationships
  • Raising young children
  • Advice on Relationships Based on Faith
  • How to Manage Personality Disorders
Is it Possible to Have Different Niche Blogs?

Yes. You can create a website that covers more than one niche because there are eclectic sites that are popular. It’s critical to start narrowly focused, to solve the needs of your place, then to establish other sub-niches on top of that.

Most eclectic blogs generate income from one or more categories. They may write about a wide range of subjects, but only some are profitable.

You can be as eclectic as you’d like if your goal is to write about topics you are passionate about without trying to make money. However, writing blog posts that will draw readers interested in your goods and services is necessary if you want to monetize your site.

  1. Construct a website

It’s time to create a website once you’ve decided on a niche. Your website will resemble your “relationship clinic,” where visitors can go to get guidance on various subjects.

Your website can be optimized to make it simple for search engines and social media platforms to comprehend what your website is about, increasing the amount of traffic you receive from those channels.

Whether or not you have experience building websites, you can enter the name below and have a WordPress website created in a matter of seconds.

The WordPress website can be moved from the a.siterubix domain name to any custom domain if you like the experience. Could you test it out?

  1. Make your website money

If you’re beginning a blog to make money, you must think and plan like a small company owner. Selling goods and services is the primary source of revenue for small businesses. Therefore, blogging is a form of small business.

The articles, images, adverts, and other content you disseminate are crucial components of your marketing and sales strategy. You use your blog and online content to attract readers’ interest and earn their trust. When your blog has a dedicated readership, you may make money off that interest by offering a good or service that assists them with their issue.

How can blogs offering relationship advice make money?

Advice on Relationships Like a tiny business, bloggers, are profitable. They:

  • Selling goods (physical or digital)
  • Offer services (counseling, coaching, matchmaking, advertising, etc.)
  • Join forces with other businesses as affiliates
  • Offer to sponsor a brand
  • Have a paid-for networking group or membership
  • Organize events (both online and offline) and charge entrance
  • Rent out space on their website so that display adverts can appear.
Affiliate Programs for Blogs Offering Relationship Advice

Affiliate marketing is one of my top recommendations for generating income from a blog.

You may earn money from your blog without developing things, managing inventory, handling refunds, or providing customer support by recommending goods and services to your audience in exchange for a commission.

Instead, you would only concentrate on producing excellent content and working with businesses that would be useful to someone looking to strengthen their relationships.

  1. Create ContentΒ  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β 

Once you’ve chosen how to monetize your website, it’s essential to start producing content that will both please your current audience and attract new readers to your blog.

For example, online businesses can use social media posting, blogging, webinars, and live streaming, whereas offline firms can use business cards, flyers, and one-on-one conversations.

To establish context, authority, and trust with your target audience, you should offer compelling content that instructs, informs, and assists in resolving issues for them. When your blog eventually turns into a robot that responds to visitors to your website, that’s when it becomes beneficial.

  1. Create Social Media Profiles

Social media is an excellent location to interact and connect with new website visitors. Given the frequent need for relationship counseling, you’ll discover that posting unique content to social media platforms will help you attract readers who value what you have to say.

Numerous famous relationship counseling websites have email lists and social media followings that help them establish additional touch points with their audience and keep them in the forefront of their minds.

  1. Get Traffic

Two of the most important things you’ll need to do in your blogging business are to produce high-quality content and distribute it to people who need it. You’ll get more organic traffic as you start creating and promoting your content.

You’ll also increase earned traffic as people share your content with peers once they’ve seen it and found it valuable.

You can get tens of thousands, perhaps even millions, of website visitors via organic and earned content. Still, if you want to amplify your reach even further, you can include purchased traffic. Because algorithms vary, and the trifecta can help you avoid roller coaster traffic variations as traffic tides change, I advise balancing organic, earned, and sponsored traffic.

With sponsored traffic, you can also ensure that more people visit the pages that convert best.

  1. Earn income

Numerous visitors to well-written content can lead to sales and financial success. Your blog should generate income if you follow every instruction listed here. Although blog income doesn’t appear suddenly and does develop gradually, if traffic is directed to high-quality material that has been appropriately monetized, you have a repeatable and scalable process.

Promoting your relationship-focused blog

Your website will be meaningless no matter how much time and effort you put into it if no one visits it. As a result, you must prioritize and learn marketing as soon as possible.

Fortunately, there are numerous approaches you can take, and the more methods you employ, the higher the likelihood that you will succeed. Listed below are just a few strategies for promoting your website:

  • Collaborations on social media accounts
  • Paid Promotion
  • Subscription to emails
  • Take part in forums (Reddit)
  • Respond to inquiries (Yahoo/Quora Answers)

And there is a ton of different approaches. You must, however, definitely grasp organic growth as well. You get this kind of traffic from search engines like Google. Make sure your content is SEO friendly because there are several strategies you may use to rank higher.

Where Does Your Audience Spend Their Time?

There is no such thing as empty online content. Although you should work to produce particularly entertaining content for your blog, it’s very likely that your target audience is already online and reading other blogs, participating in niche forums, and utilizing social media.

Finding the sites where your audience is already present is a terrific approach to learning about the subjects that interest them most, their terminology, and the helpful content you can offer to the mix.

How to earn money from a relationships blog?

One of the biggest motivations for starting blogs is to make money. However, blogging is still a fantastic method to turn your financial ambitions into reality, whether you’re searching for a few hundred dollars per month or an income that can take the place of your employment.

There are several excellent methods to monetize a relationships blog:

Networks for Display Ads

The simplest way for websites to make money is through display adverts. Ad networks like Google AdSense have a straightforward application process and are easy to deploy on your website. Display advertising is where most individuals start if they want to convert their newly-increasing blog traffic into cash.

Display advertisements can have certain drawbacks, though. The first is that some people believe they diminish your blog’s user experience. Most individuals have visited websites where giant advertisements suddenly appear and block the content while reading.

This may annoy readers, distract them, and make them stop visiting your blog. Although the ads you employ can be cleaned up and controlled, it can be challenging to balance between readability and aesthetics regarding effective ad placement.

They don’t pay much, which is the second major drawback. These networks often employ a pay-per-click (PPC) model, with most clicks falling between $0.01 and $1.50, depending on the specialty.

Display advertisements can be a terrific method to make your first few cash, but you should consider whether any drawbacks outweigh the benefits. Then, after gaining a sizable following, consider switching to more lucrative and successful ways to make money.

Start a relationship blog: Affiliate Promotion

Over the past few years, affiliate marketing programs like Amazon Affiliate have grown in popularity as they switch the payment model from pay-per-click to cost-per-acquisition (CPA). In other words, you can send as many users as you like to an advertiser’s goods, but you won’t get paid unless the user buys something.

An affiliate marketing structure benefits both marketers and publishers. Publishers receive substantially bigger commissions than in the pay-per-click model, and the advertiser doesn’t pay anything until a transaction is made.

As a relationship blogger, you have a lot of affiliate program possibilities; the trick is to select the ones you like that fit with your specialty. Numerous affiliate marketing campaigns concentrate on a single subject, including dating evenings, saving marriages, etc.

The “Reclaim Your Marriage Program from The Dating Divas” (50% commissions) and “Married and Happy – A System for Men” (40% commissions) are just two examples of affiliate programs for enhancing marriages available from a variety of sources.

“175 Best Date Ideas” (with a 50% commission) and “MELT: Couples Massage Course” (with a 25% commission) are programs for date nights. You have a wide range of possibilities because the list is endless.

Always remember that it is preferable to enroll in affiliate programs you are passionate about offering your audience rather than just those that promise to increase your income over the long term.

Sell tangible goods

The first method of getting money involved selling tangible goods. Everyone benefits when you assemble a hungry crowd and sell them something. You don’t need to be a manufacturer, designer, or innovator to sell items. A markup is added when goods are imported into the United States and sold on websites like Alibaba and AliExpress.

The two primary distribution strategies for these goods are drop shipping and self-fulfillment.

You can promote a product on your website that you do not own using the drop shipping technique. After the sale, you notify the manufacturer, who will take care of the end-shipment user and handling.

The margins can be skinny, even though this is straightforward. Because you don’t have to bother storing or delivering any things yourself.

Develop A Service

Another very fundamental strategy for getting money is offering a service. You can build a successful business if you provide a service your target market will pay for.

This is a fantastic method to monetize your skill set and your blog, whether the service is provided through one-on-one engagement with the customer, through software you design, or by doing work for the user directly.

The services you provide on your blog about romantic relationships will rely on your niche the demands of your readers, and your qualifications and experience. For example, you might provide group coaching, one-on-one relationship coaching, or service.


This article helped you learn how to start a relationship blog counseling. But make sure to launch a blog offering relationship advice. It is crucial to support people in improving the nature of their relationships.

Online relationship advice is in high demand, and this article may help you understand why.

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