How to use two mouses on one computer?

Learn how to use two mouses on one computer, including two cursor options at once !. Most virtual computers have a keyboard and a mouse connected to them. And while it is standard to have one, there is a situation where you may want to connect two keyboards, or two mice, to another computer.

You may want to control the media pc from across the room with a second wireless mouse, or maybe you need to keep one hand on the keyboard to get faster to shorter.

Whatever your reason, here are a few ways you can use multiple keyboards and mouses on a windows computer.

The important method: combine all keyboards or mice directly

Did you know that windows can detect and use multiple keyboards and rats at the same time? Just plug in your second mouse or keyboard via USB port, or connect via Bluetooth. After giving windows time to add the required drivers, you can type using any keyboard, or control the source with all rats.

On windows 10, visit settings> devices> Bluetooth & other devices to view all your current connections. You can adjust the mouse function under the mouse section, but these settings apply to all connected mice. As a result, depending on the differences in your mice, one may feel more or less comfortable.

If you show your main pc to tv and want to control it with a wireless mouse on your bed, this is a great solution. Both tools do the same job on your computer, so you can switch between them when you want and windows never have a problem.

Use Logitech’s unifying receiver

Modern Logitech mice and keyboards come with the unifying receiver. This small dongle plugs into the USB port and can connect up to six Logitech devices to your system. So, if you want to use multiple keyboards or mice and all of them are from Logitech, you can save a few USB ports.

To take advantage of this, make sure you have Logitech unifying software on your system. After installing it, follow the steps to add each of your tools. If you already have a folded device, open the app and click advanced, then add the new tool. Follow the prompts to turn the device on or off, and it will be connected to your receiver.

Control two cursor with two mice using the third-party app

The built-in windows solution allows you to use two mouse keys on computer, but they will always perform the same functions. What if you want two separate curators on the display that controls the independent?

For that, you will have to switch to third-party software. In the past, team player was a reliable app to achieve this goal. Thus, as of this writing, team player is not available from any official source.

You will find old downloads circulating on the web, but we do not recommend using these as they are outdated. Moreover, the team player was not free after its short attempt. Instead, try the best team player alternative now: mouse mux.

Using mouse mux

Mousemux is a straightforward app that allows you to switch between multiple “user profiles,” each accessing their mouse (and by choice, keyboard). Just connect the mouse to the keyboards you want to use.

When you move each mouse for the first time, it is given to the user in that description. The silhouette turns black when a new user is created, and you will see the keyboard/mouse icon change to orange when in use.

Mousemux offers three control modes. Native mode is similar to windows’ default mode, where both mice and keyboards control the same input.

More interestingly, switched installation gives each user a colorful cursor and allows each person to drag windows and write within independent applications from another user. There are other limitations, such as not being able to click inside different windows at the same time. But overall, it is a good way to let two or more people use the computer at once.

Finally, multiplex mode removes all switched input parameters. In this mode, most users can work in different applications at the same time without limitation. As soon as you click on the app, your character becomes the “owner” of the app. The manufacturers note that this mode is for testing, so you may encounter problems. Use the shortcut to ctrl + alt + f12 to kill the program if you get in trouble.

The app includes a book that explains all the in-depth options, which are worth looking at to understand the complexity of how he handles multiple installations. Completely, mouse mux is an effective tool for using multiple mice simultaneously, and it is free to use while you are in beta. There are no other similar tools currently available that we can recommend.

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