People usually get confused with face creams and face moisturizers. In their daily skincare routine, some skip face cream and apply only moisturizer. While others skip face cream, thinking that moisturizer alone is enough.

Hence, it ruins their skincare schedule. Both face cream and moisturizer are necessary to include in the routine. You cannot skip any of them because they each have their own significance.

Creams have a smooth, creamy feel and are thicker. Creams soak into the skin more slowly. In moisturizing creams, the benefits of hydration and anti-aging are frequently highlighted.

A specific type of substance called a moisturizer is used to add moisture back into the skin or surface. Creams are thinner than moisturizers.

Both skincare products cannot be replaced. Even the application procedure for these skincare products must be followed correctly.

Know the Difference Between Face Creams and Face Moisturizers

Overview of Face Creams And face Moisturizers

Face creams are thick liquids or semi-solid skin care products. It is applied to the face for cosmetic purposes or medicinal treatment.Β 

Face creamsΒ have moisturizing properties, and they can also cleanse and soften your skin. The cream acts as a base for your makeup. It is a perfect blend of necessary active ingredients that protect the skin.

Moisturizers are skincare products that keep your skin moist and soothed all day. It is mostly used to fight against skin dryness. Moisturizers are available in the form of creams, oils, or lotions.

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Their major property is to keep the skin moisturized, hydrated, and lubricated. When sebum is lacking in your skin, moisturizer is an external agent to retain moisture.

The major difference between a face moisturizer and a face cream is that moisturizers are used for restoring moistness, whereas creams act as lubricants to avoid friction.

Face creams block the moisture within the skin. Hence,Β face creamsΒ are applied after moisturizers. Comparatively, face moisturizers are lighter than creams.


Contain plant extracts, rich nutritional components and natural oils to keep the skin healthy, moisturized and glowing. Unlike creams, it gets absorbed into the skin at deeper cellular levels.Β 

Face moisturizer creamΒ is available in different types based on skin type. Oil-free moisturizers are for oily skin, and oil-based formulation is recommended for dry skin.

But the face cream with moisturizing purposes blocks the moisture and protects it from sun rays. The similarity between these two products is they replenish skin, retain moisture and provide nourishment for skin health.

Face creams

Face creams are emulsifying agents for topical applications. These are also available in different classified types. Day and night face creams are two different types.

You will also find natural and organic creams and other types based on the skin types. Based on the function type, you will findΒ face creamsΒ such as hydrating creams, anti-ageing creams, whitening creams,Β face moisturizer creamsΒ and other types.

But the function of face moisturizers is to provide moistness and retain moisture. Therefore, every moisturizer has a similar function that cannot be distinguished.

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Cosmetic manufacturers prepare a variety of creams and moisturizers to meet the needs of different individuals.

Difference Between Face Cream And Moisturizer Based On Application

Both of them are an essential part of your skincare routine. The application procedures based on their properties are different, and you cannot replace them.

Moisturizer is applied after cleaning your face with a face cleanser. When face serum is included in your skincare routine, it is applied to the skin before the moisturizer.

The face cream is then applied after the moisturizing step. The moisturizer makes the skin moist and provides the necessary moisture.

Further, the face cream locks it in and forms a safer shield mechanism for the face. You need to ensure a time gap of one minute between the moisturizer and cream.

When you do not provide a time gap, the skin care products won’t be able to perform well. Therefore, you must knowΒ how to use moisturizer and face cream.

Is It Necessary To Use Face Cream And Moisturizer Of The Same Brand?

Some people prefer cosmetics and skincare products from a single brand. Others prefer to use skincare products from different brands.

Both of them are okay, and it’s all about the choices. But, it is beneficial to choose a single brand. The formulation is made for a particular brand’s skincare products based on the routine.

Every composition is studied before formulation, starting from the face cleanser to the face cream. The manufacturers ensure that no chemical reaction will occur between the skincare product types.

Therefore, each product’s composition is determined by studying the other product of the same brand. Hence, it is beneficial to use face cream and moisturizer from the same brand.

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Every individual must know the difference betweenΒ face creamΒ and moisturizer. It’s better to be aware of its function and application in the daily skincare process.

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