Outdoor Artificial Plants: A Definitive Guide

Outdoor artificial plants and trees are the ideal choices if you adore the appearance of a lush, well-stocked yard but would rather keep things simple.

Outdoor artificial plants provide you with an instant garden that requires very little maintenance, which is ideal for busy people who prefer to relax on the deck on their days off rather than work in the park.

You already have enough on your mind at work without worrying about feeding the azaleas, so artificial plants are perfect for businesses and households.

Live landscaping can be time-consuming, and different species require different maintenance. Watering can be particularly challenging when you have a mixed flower bed because each plant has different nutritional needs than its neighbors.

Potted plants on the porch or deck require daily watering, which may be a major hassle if you’re busy or travel frequently.

While you might occasionally need to dust a faux potted plant, doing so correctly is more accessible than bringing the watering can out daily or learning how to handle plant problems. Because they can return to healthy-looking plants on Mondays, business customers greatly value artificial flowers.

Outdoor artificial plants that block UV

In an ironic twist, the sun that plants so desperately need to develop might also be their undoing. If it gets too hot, the flowers will wilt, and the leaves will begin to brown.

On the other hand, false outdoor plants and flowers will maintain their glossy foliage and brilliant hues under the most intense sunlight. Because of the UV protection applied to our designs, fading is minimal.

Of course, your climate is not a restriction. Anywhere you reside, whether it’s dry or cool, you can choose from our comprehensive selection of outdoor artificial plants.

Even though your garden is covered in snow for a portion of the year, you are still allowed to grow a palm tree. Similarly, even if you live in a dry area, you are still free to produce lovely, delicate flowers in your yard.

And unlike natural plants, these grow to the appropriate size and maintain it. Weather or maintenance issues have no bearing on your imagination.

Man-made outdoor plants

Even the most ardent gardener will agree that there are always those spots in the yard where plants never take. Sometimes nature needs a helping hand. The solution is as simple as adding a high-quality azalea to your flower bed! A hard-working boxwood may cover bare spots, fill gaps, and add color and interest to your planting design all year.

Our selection of incredibly realistic patterns would look fantastic in your yard, on your porch, or even at the entrance of your business or store.

Leafy and green, a common choice for an entrance planter is boxwood. An actual boxwood plant grows slowly and is selective about how much water it takes in. An artificial boxwood plant will instantly provide you with an eye-catching dense leaf cover.

Several outdoor shrubs are available if you need to patch a hole in a flower garden. A rich red burgundy eucalyptus bush, which looks stunning against green foliage, or a fronded springer bush, can be used to add a dash of color.

Artificial outdoor grasses are a fantastic method to give your plants a fresh look. Use them to add volume to a patio planter arrangement or scatter them across your flower beds to contrast with softer blossoms. Place a few tropical plants here and there, like an agave, to add a new texture to the mix.

Outdoor ferns are a popular choice, whether they are scattered across a mixed bed or exhibited in a planter. Ferns make beautiful hanging basket plants, but an artificial option is far more convenient because they are notoriously difficult to maintain. Keep an eye out for our pre-planted ferns in fancy hanging baskets.

Outdoor artificial plants that exactly look real

There are many lifelike artificial flowers to pick from, including delicate daisies and towering bromeliads like this magnificent orange specimen. A beautiful spectrum of hues is readily available; the best part is that they will remain brilliant all year.

Beautiful azaleas that won’t fade, wilt, or drop leaves can be used to adorn your porch or patio. Artificial outdoor flowers are the solution if you have a window box on a second story or higher that is difficult to maintain. No more leaning out the window with a watering can!

Flowers are fantastic for adding color to a landscape, and using an outdoor garland is one of the easiest yet most impactful ways to brighten your walls or fences. Italian mosses come in striking modern hues; this colorful blue garland is a true conversation starter.

Floral bouquets are available in various lovely colors if you want something more traditional. If the concept of using artificial plants to cover your walls appeals to you, try the classic look with this amazingly lifelike ivy.

Outdoor artificial plants can be used for much more than just decoration; they can also block light and provide seclusion. Outdoor matting and privacy fencing can be used to conceal fences and increase their density, resulting in a border that seems more natural.

Most of the looks in this deco are posted about green screens for garden boundaries that may be achieved using artificial plants.

Man-made outdoor trees

A strategically placed tree can significantly alter the appearance of a landscaping layout, porch, or driveway. Any outside area may accommodate a tree, a vast cedar, or a maple with delicate leaves.

But many different kinds of trees might require a lot of upkeep, particularly if you need to keep them clipped to a particular size and shape. It’s also possible that you’ll need to wait a few years for the tree to grow to the proper height unless you have a sizable budget.

An artificial tree provides the impact you need with minimal time and effort.

Which of the many designs in our collection best fits the style you want to achieve?

Look for a tropical plant if you want a tree that adds interest to a patio, terrace, or balcony. Elephant ear plants make an excellent accent because of their unusual black trunks, which look fantastic in settings with a modern aesthetic.

Imagine an eastern-style porch with stylish wicker furniture and these palms to either side of the entrance to recreate that excellent 1920s appearance. Create this look with a couple of banana palms for real drama.

These magnificent plants are 7 feet tall and unmistakably unique! This vibrant yucca, with its variegated leaves, is an excellent addition to any porch or veranda.

It can be famously challenging to grow delicate maples outside. If it gets windy, all that care will be for nothing because the tender leaves will get windburned.

If you desire a serene, Japanese-style garden but are concerned that your site might be a little exposed, an artificial maple tree is an ideal option. With this stunningly rich burgundy variety, add a pop of color.

For a truly Zen atmosphere, group your maple trees with some bamboo plants and perhaps a pittosporum tree that is slightly curved.

For the home and office, artificial outside trees

The historic Mediterranean olive tree is another outdoor species that might be challenging to maintain. They are picky about the soil and drainage, and trimming them takes a lot of practice. With a grouping of these lifelike artificial trees, you can recreate the appearance and atmosphere of an olive grove without labor-intensive maintenance.

The cedar tree is one of our most widely used artificial trees for outdoor use. These adaptable classics are ideal for porches and driveways. A layered look can be achieved in a mixed bed using the taller types, like this 12′ cedar pine tree. A similar result would be produced with a cypress tree.

The podocarps bush resembles potted cedars in appearance and is ideal for driveways and flank an entrance door or steps. The fronded liriope tree is an excellent alternative for something a little unusual for your front porch, and it comes in various heights to fit different settings.

The delicate-leaved focus is an artificial tree that always adds a touch of elegance. This is a well-liked option for gardens of all shapes and sizes and is available potted or ready to add directly to a bed. Choose from a 38″ variety for smaller gardens or patios, or keep an eye out for classy seven or 8-foot trees.

Keep in mind

The focus’s variegated leaves give your planting scheme more shades, but for a true pop of color, we suggest this lovely plumeria tree with its bright pink blossoms. The blooms on an artificial tree stay pink and fresh all year long, which is a huge plus!

This Ming aralia tree has a timeless elegance that we like. The delicate, feathery leaves of this charming Indian tree are reminiscent of parsley.

It looks fantastic outdoors in a flower bed or porch and indoors in a conservatory or garden room. The Ming aralia and the emerald-leaved bird’s nest tree are great options if you only want one unique tree to be a focal point.

Like other stand-alone trees, pine trees have the advantage of being decorated for the holidays with colorful lights.

Man-made palm trees for outdoor use

Hotels, shops, and restaurants all have beautiful palm trees outside. Do not imagine these magnificent trees are only appropriate for malls or hotel lobbies; we have them available in various sizes and shapes that are also appropriate for home usage. In actuality, both residential and business spaces frequently purchase our beautiful palms.

While on vacation, our customers love these stunning exotic trees, but they cannot grow in their local climate. The optimum answer is an artificial palm tree.

Wherever you live, adding a few artificial palm trees to your yard is a simple way to create a tropical atmosphere. A real palm tree would have difficulty surviving in any environment because they are weatherproof and UV resistant.

An artificial palm tree is an excellent option, especially in a warmer region, if you need a large tree immediately because it takes a baby palm tree a few years to mature into an imposing giant. They are, therefore, accommodating for commercial properties where the external area must appear fantastic immediately.

One of our area palm trees is a terrific option if you’re searching for a palm that looks excellent in a container. They provide lovely, dappled shadows on the deck. When they are both full and fronded, and when the wind blows through them, they rustle gently. The 7.5′ variety would heighten a bed and offer good cover in a mixed hedge in the actual garden.

Beneficial screening using outdoor artificial palm trees

Try a bamboo tree designed for the outdoors if you enjoy the lovely shade the areca palm provides. Additionally, they sway softly in the wind and offer their symphony to your porch or garden. Similar to the areca, they look great in a pot on a patio or deck or as part of a decorative screen.

With their abundant leaves, bamboo plants provide an excellent border and provide you with solitude from your neighbors. A tame copy is a perfect substitute for natural bamboo because it may quickly become out of control and take over.

A Cycas palm is a must-have addition to your plant collection if you like a little drama to softly swaying foliage.

A Cycas palm tree has a sturdy trunk and a lovely fan of delicate fronds. For a more realistic touch, look for cultivars with natural boxes. Depending on how many fronds you choose, our cycle selection varies dramatically.

If you want to add architectural elegance and height to a planting strategy, try this 18-frond variety. Plants with 36 fronds each look amazing in elegant planters flanking your front entrance.

Finally, a phoenix palm is required for the traditional palm beach appearance. The conventional design, this 12′ beauty, is tall, graceful, and unmistakably oriental.

We also offer smaller phoenix palms, ideal for decks, driveways, and lobbies. These palms range in height from 6 to 8.5 feet. A cluster of phoenix palms in a stylish planter is a fantastic decoration for a hotel or office entrance.

Man-made outside branches

Considering making a change? A few strategically placed artificial branches will enable you to be creative with your landscape design.

They can be used to give texture and color to planters; for instance, some bright blossoms in a window box would look stunning against the delicate ficus branches. Additionally, you may build an arbor out of lush boxwood to transform a plain fence into something more attractive.

Artificial outdoor branches with various uses

Using fronds to revive an elderly tree is a useful application. An outdated palm trunk can be given a new top head by adding artificial fronds. We carry a variety of fronds, allowing you to pick the one that provides you with the optimum proportions.

A planter arrangement can also include a few palm fronds; they look amazing when combined with exotic, vivid blooms like bromeliads.

Look at these different outside branches if you want something more traditionally leafy. They are realistic since they are so many colors of luscious green. But unlike natural extensions, they are much simpler to mold to fit your designs. Embroider them on patio planters, fences, or trellises.

Boxwood in outdoor settings is famous for offering protection and privacy. Its delicately appealing tiny leaves grow closely together to form a complete appearance.

If you want to get creative with your garden design, you may weave it into hedges or arbors, or you can add a few boxwoods picks to a window box or planter arrangement.

Man-made flowers for the outdoors

Lastly, we have artificial flowers for outdoor use, which is where artificial plants really shine. Imagine a garden where the flowers never wilt or fall off, and you wake up every day to a riot of color in your yard or porch, no matter the time of year or temperature.

An expertly tended plant won’t be worried about failing to bloom; best of all, you won’t need to worry about feeding and watering it. Because they can be so difficult to access, window boxes and hanging baskets are frequent use for our designs.

They are a wise alternative for those who frequently travel for work or pleasure and businesses that are closed on the weekends. The beauty of blossoms with minimal upkeepβ€”just an occasional light dustingβ€”is ideal for today’s hectic lifestyles.

What types of outdoor artificial plants are available to buy? There is a wide range, and your choice will rely on your preferences and sense of style. To find the right flowers for your garden design plan, you can search for blooms by color.

Minimal upkeep of outdoor artificial plants

A few vibrant bromeliads in pots add a splash of color and an exotic feel to a modern deck. If you want to go with something more conventional. Pick a gardenia or geranium in a pot or dispersed across a flower bed.

Beautiful bougainvillea grows up on trellises on balconies and porches. Our azalea topiary collection is ideal for creating a charming and delicate look and may be produced to order in several lovely colors.

Your creativity is not constrained when using plastic artificial flowers, and you may produce some magnificent images with outside garlands. These 9.5′ long, amply proportioned swags may completely change the porch or patio look. Let your imagination soar and decorate your outdoor areas with vivid hues and lush green vegetation! Along with residences, these look fantastic in restaurant courtyards and storefronts.

A floral mat is a chic method to separate portions of your garden, whether you need to create a screen between you and the neighbors or if you want to.

Your border hedge will be a decorative feature rather than a functional necessity. Because the azalea blossoms are full of all year. And that’s the main appeal of synthetic flowers: they appear gorgeous while yet being quite helpful.

How should my artificial plant be cleaned?

A solution of mild detergent and water can clean your artificial plant. The detergent must be gentle enough to prevent the plant from losing its color. You might use a moist cloth to clean certain plants. To avoid hurting the leaves, whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing.

How long do artificial plants survive?

A: how long an artificial plant lasts is mainly influenced by the materials used to make it and how frequently it is subjected to inclement weather. In general, cloth plants would age far more quickly than plastic ones.

Do artificial plants resemble genuine ones?

A: insofar as they are high-quality imitation plants made of high-quality material and have a natural color scheme and shape, artificial plants do, in fact, closely resemble real ones.

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