Privacy Policy

Online News Mags is a portfolio of genres and digital platforms that connect people with information to help them make some of the most critical decisions in life. For this Privacy Policy, the websites, applications, browser extensions, and products provided by Internet News Mags will be referred to as “Services.” Of course, the services have different privacy settings. You should check each Service to its specific policy before use.

This Privacy Policy describes the type of personal information we may collect for our purposes; how we use, protect, and distribute such information; and the choices you have. You consent to collect data and objectives outlined in the Privacy Policy by using the services. Any capitalized terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy have the terms provided in terms of Use of the applicable Services. Sometimes, Red Ventures may receive or process your information from clients. In this case, your privacy policy will apply.

Types of information to collect
The following are examples of the information we may collect from you and other parties, including third parties, business partners, affiliates, or publicly available sites.

Information collected directly from you:
Account registration. Name, email address, phone number, and other related information when creating an account. We may also collect information about actions you take when logging into your account. Collecting and using this data is to provide you with a user account related to the Service. The account can make easy payments, save interest, and choose your interests and business history.

Form Administration and Installation Orders We collect information when you use the administration and order forms on our Services. This may include your name, email, phone number, billing address, shipping address, and payment information. In addition, these forms may request information specific to your application, such as car repair and auto insurance mode, military Service for secondary education, or other information requested by one of our business clients. The purpose of collecting and using this data is to use your information to perform contractual activities to provide you with products or services.

Financial information. At other Red Venture Services, you can provide information such as country information, credit history, finance, loan amount, and account loans related to requesting financial products and services. Examples include credit applications for products such as credit card applications, rentals, personal loans, and student loans. For other services, GLBA notices may be used to collect this information. This collection aims to get companies that want to use this information to process your request and to match you with the credit providers that offer the products and services you have requested.

The information you send to the Service. If you are part of the Service, we may collect information about you when you submit or submit information to the Service, including your username, comments, interests, interests, status, photos, and references to your online presence. We may use this information for our purposes or make this information available to others upon request.

Information You Provide About Others. In some cases, we may provide information about others, e.g., B. Sending a newsletter to a friend. We may use this information to make our Services more accessible to the people you refer to.

Surveys. When you participate in a survey, we gather the information you provide through the survey. The third-party privacy policy applies to collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information if a third-party service provider provides information. The purpose of collecting and using this data is that we have a business that wants to understand your point of view and gather relevant information for our organization.

Sweepstakes or contests. When you participate in sweepstakes or competitions, we collect information about you, including information to call to let you know when you are selected. The purpose of collecting and using this data is that we have a business that wants to use competitors or sweepstakes. In some cases, we are also obliged by law to gather information about those who enter our sweepstake, and we have a business interest in complying with those rules.

Mailing List. If you sign up for one of our newsletters, we will get your email address. The purpose of collecting and using this data is that we have a business that wants to share information about our products or services.

Partner Promotion. We collect information that you can choose to provide as part of a promotion with another company. The purpose of collecting and using this data is that we have a business that wants to fulfill our advertising.

Feedback / Support. If you give us feedback or contact us for assistance, we may take your name and email address, as well as anything else you send to us, to respond. The purpose of collecting and using this data is that we have a business that wants to receive and act on your thoughts or issues.

Work-related data (directly from you): When you choose to apply for a job with Red Ventures Company, we collect the information necessary to process your application or keep you as an employee. These may include, among other things, your resume or CV, Social Security Number, and additional information you provide at the time of enrollment and employment. The collection aims to help us match you to open positions, facilitate the writing process, and fulfill our employment or service prospects contract with you.

Information Collected Together:

Email Interconnectivity. If you receive an email from us, we can use the tools to retrieve relevant data when you open our message, click on any links or banners, and make a purchase. The purpose of collecting and using this data is that we have a business that wants to understand how you treat and communicate with you.

Mobile devices (phones, tablets, built-in TVs, game consoles, other digital broadcasting equipment, etc.). We may collect information from your phone, including the option to notify you about broadcast information on your device when you access one of our services. Collecting and using this data is to equip businesses that want to know their unique visitors and understand how users interact with their devices.

Interaction with the Website. We use technology to monitor your interactions with our Website (such as review sessions). This may include information you click on or information you submit in online forms. This may include information about your device or browser. The purpose of collecting and using this data is to understand how you interact with the Website, improve the Website, and understand your interests and preferences so that we can choose the best offer for you. Useful. Companies also want to protect their services and detect and prevent crimes.

Location data. When you use some of our services, we may request access to your location data. Some images within our services (e.g., page-based offers) may only work if your Website has been authenticated and no such pictures exist. Suppose you choose not to provide your information. The type of location data can vary depending on several factors, including the device you’re using and your internet connection. If you enable location services on our services, we may collect location information from time to time when you use or open our services. Depending on the platform you are using to access our applications (for example, Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android), you can control how location data is collected from controls on your device.

Cookies, usually. Our service providers work on our behalf. Other businesses that collect information on our sites may automatically collect or receive information related to you or your device as part of your use of the Service through device-based tracking. Technologies include cookies, pixels, tags, beacons, text, and other technology. The purpose of collecting and using this data is that we have a business that wants to make our Website more efficient, give you different website experiences, and give you the ability to store your interests, such as login and language of your choice. See the cookie policy for more information.

Cookies for marketing. Some of our Services participate in behavioral advertising, which means that technologies (such as cookies, cookies) are used to collect information about your use of our Services to provide you with advertising about products and services that interest you and our services or others. Websites. The purpose of collecting and using this data is that we have the business of wanting to do ad-based advertising and capture analytics on our Services. The information we collect may include location data, such as (a) information identifying the exact location of your phone (if you agree to allow the app or Service to collect this information) and (b) your IP address, which may be used. Imagine your fantasy. We use this information to ensure that services are effective and that we serve you internal content and advertising, including advertising.

Tracking between our device and our service providers We may collect and store information about user interactions with websites and applications that use our technologies, including cookies and other tracking technologies. This allows you, for example, to imagine that most tools and browsers have familiar users and homes behind them, and you can combine those browsers and tools into a tool graph. The purpose of collecting and using this data is how you use our Website on all devices so that you can use our services on the same machine and run randomly when you leave other devices. Companies need to understand what to use. We also have a business that provides professional marketing for every product imported from the go stage for all devices.

Data analysis. Use other web analytics services, including third-party services such as Google Analytics, to understand and evaluate the performance of your Visitor Services. We may collect information such as browser type, operating system, Internet Protocol (IP) address, domain name, click event, website visit, and date/time. Time of your visitor. The purpose of collecting and using this data is for companies that wish to monitor our network and website visitors. You may receive reports based on the application of these technologies to individuals and groups. These analytics services, including third-party services such as Google Analytics, use this information to promote our products on other websites that you visit after using the site. These notices may be on actions such as the pages you visit and the actions you take while using the Website. More information about how Google uses the data collected via the Website can be found here. You can also install the Google Analytics browser plug-in output in the Google Analytics database. For more information, see our cookie policy.