Reasons To Call On A Landscaper For The Development Of Your Garden

Like many people, you have recently decided to reinvest in your garden to spend happy days there as soon as spring returns.

If some have always had the attraction of the garden, for others, on the other hand, the successive confinements linked to the covid epidemic and the feeling of confinement have been the trigger for the development project of their outdoor spaces.

But thinking about the overall layout of your garden is often complex, and certain considerations and installations may require the intervention of a specialist.

In this case, it is often necessary to use the services of a landscaper for a series of essential reasons that we will present to you throughout this article. How to grow a self-sufficient garden? Follow the leader!

To think about the layout of your garden as a whole

Designing a garden includes much more than just planting trees and flowers. Your project undoubtedly includes a series of equipment that will allow you to make the most of sunny days with your family and friends: terrace, pergola, barbecue area, swimming pool, etc.

However, it is interesting to think about the layout of each of these elements according to the space you have, but also in accordance with the landscape and plant ecology of your garden.

Can You Grow Potatoes In A Raised Garden Bed

Loosen the soil under the half-filled raised bed. Place potato seeds about 12 inches from all sides and bury them about 3 inches deep.

As the potatoes grow, add more soil until the bed is full. If possible, simplify harvesting by removing the sides of the bed. Learn below what makes your garden grow?

If we often speak of landscape architects, it is precise because these professionals can bring you a global view and imagine a project as close as possible to your wishes, your expectations, your needs, and your possible constraints.

Or the constraints of your garden. Even if you plan your project in several stages, a preliminary landscape study will allow you to plan more easily and not have to unravel what has been done beforehand for an upcoming installation.

Because the revegetation of the garden cannot be improvised

Admittedly, it is now particularly easy to go to a garden center to buy a shrub and plant it in your garden. So why hire a landscaper to green your outdoor spaces?

Quite simply because your garden is not intended to accommodate all the plants and all the plants that could seduce you with their aesthetics, and all the plants are not made to coexist.

Indeed, like all living beings, plants must be adapted to their environment. One thinks of course of the climate which is an essential criterion, but the nature and the specificities of the ground or the immediate environment and the surrounding plants.

By calling on the expertise of a landscaper, you will benefit from an overall view of your wishes for the revegetation of the garden, both in terms of the aesthetic aspect and the consistency of the whole and its durability over time.

A professional will thus be able, according to your tastes and wishes, to direct you towards the trees, shrubs, and flowers which can effectively find their place in your garden, without withering away after a few weeks of taking over the neighboring plants.

Your landscaper will also advise you on the upkeep and care of your plants (size, watering, mulching, etc.).

To create consistency between your garden and your equipment

Can I grow a garden in my front yard? Much more than gardeners, landscapers are also landscaping and construction professionals. Thus, the role is not limited to the planting and maintenance of plants, but to the creation of an outdoor space that is both natural, practical, and pleasant to live in, which generally includes a series of constructions in the garden.

Some will be clearly intended for the aesthetics or the delimitation of outdoor spaces, as may be the case with low walls, fences, and decorative panels, others, on the other hand, will be well-intended for the comfort and pleasure of living in the garden.

Thus, the vast majority of landscapers today offer services that go well beyond the plant world and can fulfill all your gardening desires.

Do you want to build an inground pool or install an above-ground pool? Do you want to build a wooden or porcelain stoneware terrace? To consider building a bioclimatic pergola attached to your house? Do you want to build walkways or a yard?

The diversity of skills and expertise of many professionals now allows them to meet all these demands. Failing this, they can position themselves as project managers in the garden by selecting and coordinating the intervention of trusted craftsmen (pool designer, mason, carpenter, etc.).

Because you don’t like gardening or tinkering

Last reason, and not least, you can enjoy enjoying your garden, enjoy the view, enjoy discover its trees and flowers over the seasons, without enjoying taking care of your garden.

Thus, not everyone has a green thumb, not everyone has a handyman’s streak, nor does everyone have the desire to spend time planting, pruning, mowing, etc.

If this is your case, be aware that, in addition to the services they offer for the creation of gardens, both in terms of construction and revegetation, landscape companies also offer services and maintenance contracts for the garden and its facilities.

You can thus involve your service provider to carry out the annual pruning of your trees and your hedges or even renew your flower beds, you can contact them to carry out the cleaning or renovation of your terrace, etc.

If your landscaper is also a swimming pool specialist, you can also bring him for wintering, wintering outings, or the maintenance and regular cleaning of your swimming pool.

To have a truly “green” garden and preserve the environment

Who says garden and plants obviously says nature! And yet, landscaping and the environment do not always go hand in hand. You can easily imagine that not all plants have the same needs at the top, that certain gardening products have a harmful effect on the environment, that watering is a sensitive issue, etc.

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