The best dslr video camera under 500 dollars

Buying the best dslr video camera under 500 dollars will be enough for those who want to print high quality videos left within a good price-rent.

The term β€œvideo camera” however is broad, so your design and we give you the β€œbest” solution that really depends on a few other things you want besides the price-point.

Today we took the time to emphasize the models we thought were worth a look, within some of our favorite groups of video cameras.

We have made sure to keep all sizes, shapes and functions in mind to give you as many options as possible. Let’s get down to it.

The Best Video Camera Under 500 dollars

Your Real Budget – When you come here from our best video camera shopping guide, you are able to force what you want to write into a real budget-rent.

Although we have targeted our budget today at 500 dollars or less, there is still a difference between saying a 200 camera and the mod only hits five bills. If more, check out our best dslr video camera under 500 and a thousand dollars for a few more options if you are looking for something high in style.

Video camera types – There are some great video camera types that we want you to look at when looking for your less than  500 dollars mod. Here are some details of each one – we made sure to include each type in our list in a few different price-points.

DSLR camera:

Coming as the most popular type of camera for all photography and videography, the DSLR camera offers us an amazing range of affordable price.

They are also highly sought after due to having flexible lenses, giving us an endless opportunity to adjust (and save money – even lenses can be expensive, once you touch your ‘body’, you can fix everything about it).

Mirrorless Camera:

To give DSLR cameras the speed of their money, non-mirror cameras have a difference in construction (no glass for cutting the middle-man out of the processor and photography). This helps to give the cameras some better autofocus (AF) systems as well as a different feel to the image, even at a higher price.

Action camera:

The point-and-view videos we have all seen are taking advantage of these “first person” cameras. It is usually small in size, good for walking, doing a variety of activities, and handling a wide range of uses (extreme sports and non-functional).


Like what many would integrate as a “digital camera”, many have video capability which gives us compact and simple size. They usually offer less than DSLR and no glass cameras, and are ideal for those who want something smaller than a standard bulky camera.


We all know what this looks like, and although it is not as popular as mentioned above, we are still popular in the world of video cameras. Look for one of these to use easily, a rope to hold it in your hand (usually) to give you some space to move, and so on.

The Best Video Cameras For 500 dollars

Nikon D3200

To start our list, we have one of our favorite expensive DSLR video cameras on the market today. You will notice that the DSLR game usually does Canon vs. Nikon for a reason, despite our price, the D3200 wins the race at the moment.

This camera has a capable 24.2 MP and CMOS sensor imaging with an 18-55 mm VR image stabilization lens. When it comes to video quality, you are getting full HD 1080p and photography, good ISO range considering the price from 100 to 6400 and a continuous shooting option.

For some extras, it comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connection that enables you to transfer your photos or videos to your social media if you wish. You can also show off your skills with many styles such as night image, photo, cover, situation, and more.

If you are looking for a viable and high quality video camera for both taking photos and shooting videos in different situations, then the Nikon D3200 is for you. Certainly one of the best dslr video cameras under 500 dollars on the market, especially if you are in the mood for DSLR that will last you many years as a plant.

Sony Alpha a500 dollars0

If you haven’t heard of dslrs and were looking for a capable non-glass video camera that enables you to take high quality photos and shoot some high quality videos, then the Alpha a500 dollars0 is definitely one of the best dslr video cameras under 500 dollars out there. You.

The popularity of not only this mode but the entire Sony Alpha series is continuing its dominance in the glass-free segment, especially within the price-per-point range.

This 8 ounce camera comes with a 20.1 MP optional Exmor APS CMOS sensor and no glass design that offers wide power rendering, input and excellent control over background noise when shooting HD videos. It is equipped with a unique graphics editor that provides quick function on your videos or photos.

With built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, you have a good option for uploading your photos and videos right there on the computer and sharing on the air with an easy-to-use sticky menu.

The High ISO sensitivity (from one to sixteen) of the Sony Alpha a500 dollars0 also ensures that you will take excellent photos even in low light, making this extremely versatile despite the custom application. This one has its name for a reason.

Panasonic HC-V380K

Here’s a classic camcorder that offers a wide range of high-end cameras with their own money. The HC-V380K is a good quality best dslr video camera under 500 dollars that will help you shoot full HD videos in all kinds of situations.

It comes with a 2.51 Mp sensor (a different type of sensor on the DSLR and non-glass cameras in the 20+ range), impressive 90 times zoom, and 5-axis image depth (Hybrid Optical) that will help you take perfect videos though.

If you are on the road (good for sports) – a solid AF system (though not a glass-free AF).

This has a large 3 inch LCD touchscreen and a simple menu for easy use. The Panasonic HC-V380K also includes built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity for easy transferring photos and videos directly online. Recommended for those who like camcorder hearing, easy to use and small size, as well as amazing zoom that most DSLR and non-mirrorless video camera cannot compete with it.

Canon EOS Rebel T5

If you are looking for a competitor DSLR is the best video camera for less than 500 dollars out there, do not forget to check out the EOS Rebel T5, a module designed to deliver all high quality videos and photos at low cost-points.

This is an 18 MP CMOS sensor (APS-C) camera with full HD 1080p resolution, large LCD touchscreen and simple and easy to use menu, and great battery life and built-in.

Thanks to the selected auto mode mode, you will be able to combine different features (lamp optimization, brightness level, display, etc.) To help understand the exact lighting conditions you are in so that you do not play with it. Text editing tools (if you are using it to take photos too).

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 is one of the best five hundred or fewer video cameras we have seen. If you are choosing between one or the other, we can say get a cheap-price camera at this time.

Gopro HERO

The gopro HERO is something most of us would probably already know about. Gopro videos are very similar to first-person event cameras (however find some suitable competitors as technology grows). Despite the release of their current HERO 5 camera, this is still important today (especially as the price drops with new versions coming out).

The Silver is in the middle of the HERO 4 line, coming with a 12 Mp CMOS sensor that enables you to take clear photos as well as full HD 1080p videos (or 4K resolution if you prefer, even better battery-draining). It’s simple and easy to use due to its large LCD screen and smart menu – you can also use it via your smart phone with their gopro app.

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