The best way to carry dslr camera while hiking

The best way to carry dslr camera while hiking. Even if you are a photographer or a volunteer out there with a collection of camera lenses, it is not always easy to think of the best way to carry dslr camera while hiking.

I tried about a dozen camera bags, camera bags, and various gizmos for my camera. However, i often end up feeling uncomfortable. It’s worse to come home with a sore neck or camera equipment damaged because you didn’t keep it properly on your way.

Lastly, after many years of blogging, I have found a good camera-carrying system while traveling for day trips, baggage, or even skiing. These bags and accessories have been tested and trusted and i am confident you will find them useful and stable too!

1. Use a dry bag

Dry bags are a great way to keep your camera safe and dry in wet or uncomfortable places.

One such item is paki pak, a functional backpack that keeps moisture from reaching your belongings. It is waterproof and has a strap that makes it easy to carry over rough terrain.

This is good for small cameras and offers a lot of variety due to different size options. It is light, easy to pack, and sticks in just a few simple steps.

The design makes it a great choice for travelers who do not want to spend a ton of time arguing with their gear.

2. Wear the camera rope

When it comes to carrying your camera across deserts, beaches, and forests, many avid photographers love a rope like this peak design slide lite, a durable aluminum mod that allows you to keep your camera on your body without putting too much stress or fatigue. On your person.

You can wear this type of lace in many ways, including on your neck or shoulder. It is easy to translate and can be customized in a matter of seconds.

The smooth / grip rebuilding is also good to work with. Perfect for people who want to quickly and easily find their device.

3. Take the waist bag

Load bags, especially with full padding, also work well.

Carrying boxes come with a raised top for being comfortable and comfortable, which is where the shangri-la tactical range outer bag wins. This mode is very difficult due to the 1000d nylon construction and high-density material.

As with most large luggage bags, this is a best way to carry dslr camera while hiking to get your camera moving because it is fully customizable with stick. You can use it with a handle, a hidden waist belt, or as a folded shoulder strap.

No matter how you want to carry your camera, you can.

4. Use a shoulder gown

If you want to carry your camera over your waist without extra pressure, the shoulder is a good way to go.

The cotton carrier skout sling, which uses a twist and locking system is a great way to safely handle a single camera.

This mode has a web design, but is also ideal for navigating different areas due to the excellent g3 weather cover which is dusty and waterproof.

You also get a protective tether, as well as a selection of extra layer of hardness.

5. Wear camera backup

Yes, you can always carry a custom bag!

There are a number of features that work with cameras, but the mountainsmith tanuk is a good choice for those who want to access and protect their camera at the same time. It is sturdy, durable, and extremely well made.

It comes with a variety of rooms, which help you save a lot of extra items or accessories that you would like to use with your device.

On top of that, the padding and shoulder straps offer a lot of extra versatility. The side pressure belts are also fixed.

6. Put the camera in your bag

This mode works as a cotton carrier holster attachment, unlike most of the options above, it sticks to your bag or park rather than stand alone.

It handles many types of cameras and has a variety of tones through which you can cut it anywhere through a fixed twist and lock system.

Not only that, but it can be used freely with many types of cameras, from dslr to compact. This means you can use it no matter how much you like to take your outdoor guns. The construction, anodized aluminum, and rubber washer are also very reliable.

Protecting your camera & making it easy

Carrying a camera is a matter of easy access. After all, the point of having it on you while you are walking, hiking, or on your next outdoor tour is able to take the time and record events as they come.

Making sure that your camera and camera gear are both accessible while you are traveling is the key and the best way to carry dslr camera while hiking

I have found to do that is to use the camera straps that stick to your bag. Before we get to that, though, there are a few basic things to look for when it comes to carrying your camera on the go.

Keep your camera

As you pack your bag with camera gear and organize things, make sure you use this quick check before you go out:

Have adequate storage and organizational accessories so that you do not scratch with your package while changing the lens. I use the tenba byob 10 dslr backpack insert (shown below). This is enough for a dslr + 1 extension lens and you can adjust the padding depending on whatever you are carrying.

Bring other batteries and sd card, if possible.

Protect your camer

When i’m not packing my camera in a photo booth, i keep it in a simple neoprene camera case like the one below. Better yet, this gives the camera some padding when i want to quickly throw it in my pack, but it doesn’t add up. I also keep this sleeve when i am traveling with my camera out of my pack.

Fire with your camera

Lastly, if you are traveling in bad weather and think there is a good chance of rain, i recommend bringing a solid bag with you, just so you can catch the water. You can throw your camera here inside your package to gain peace of mind.

Best camera straps for mountaineering

Having a good camera cord makes your camera safer and provides more comfort. Here are two of my favorite bands that i use whenever i go with the camera:

Close tank camera strap

The think tank camera support straps will protect you from a throbbing neck pain after hours of walking with your camera hanging over your neck. These straps work by adjusting the weight of your camera strap from your neck to your shoulders.

First, you easily attach the think tank support cords to almost any bag through two metal pieces. Then take the hooks to the other side of the cable and attach them to your camera.

As the camera now hangs from the straps of my bag, the load goes completely to my shoulders. Anyway, i still keep my usual peak designs camera strap (see below) on the camera and put it on my neck, so when i remove the camera from my bag, the camera stays attached to my body.

This is the answer i have been using for solar travel, backward trips, and land travel. It looks a little nerdy and takes on a habit, but this system restored the pain in my neck while walking and allows me to keep my camera out without discomfort. I can use my walking sticks without a camera to get in the way and this is the best way to carry dslr camera while hiking.

Peak design black slide camera strap

As i said before, even with the above system, a standard cord for the upcoming camera works. The peak design false slide camera strap is a durable, secure, and stable camera cord.

It is wide enough not to scratch your neck, grips the weight of a heavy camera, and slides easily over your body so you can drag it up when you want to take a picture. This stays on my camera 24-7.

Best climb camera backpacks

At the wrong places of travel, i put my camera in my bag. I have tried many different packages and the ones below come as front runners for easy access to the camera.

Round 180 horizon 34 l backpack

This think tank rotation 180 horizon 34l bag allows you to access your camera without removing the bag. Basically, at the bottom of the package is your camera slide out of the package and you can drag it to the side of your body, all with one hand. You can fit a camera and one lens in this lower zippered compartment, as well as some larger body bag.

Deuter rise 32+ sl women’s pack

This deuteron rise 32+ sl women’s park is a well-designed skiing with a large zipper entry back pan for easy access. This makes it a good choice to carry your camera on the go as you do not have to carry all your other belongings out of your bag to get your camera.

The tenba byob 10 dslr backpack insert, which i keep my camera and lens inside, fits perfectly under the deuter rise pack. Outside of camera storage, i love this park because it is long and thin which means the load stays on my back.

Also, this park is designed to carry heavy ski travel gear, so it sets with a lot of weight. It has tons of adjustable straps and a waist belt for ultimate comfort during those long days of travel, which not all camera-specific bags have.

Gopro travel tips

Gopros is amazing because it is small, easy to install, and waterproof. I am currently using the gopro hero8 false, and i am impressed with the stability of video recording to previous models. For these reasons, it makes no sense for me to carry on my travels.

Unless i am using a gimbal, i usually have a gopro strapped to a small possible pole and then slip the rod under the waistband or chest strap if i am not carrying a regular camera. This is a great way to keep it safe from the road but it is also there when i want to use it.


Carrying a camera while on the move is not as easy as it may seem. There are many obstacles that can affect your gear. On top of that, the cameras add weight and can cause some real discomfort over long distances.

The options above give you both protection and some comfort when you are on the road. Understand what you want from your transportation system, enjoy the ride, and then pick the one that works best for you.

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