Top 7 AI Marketing Tools to Gain an Edge Over Competitors

AI marketing tools are changing the marketing sphere.

In the age of vast choices available to customers, businesses need to optimize their strategy at every stage of the buyer stage. There must be a strategy to engage, retain and convert customers.

To cater to this requirement, marketers are exploring different ways to leverage the wealth of the data. For this, they use impactful Machine learning tools and artificial Intelligence.

AI-powered tools eliminate redundant tasks and save time and money. Apart from this, it helps avoid human error and draws actionable insight.

Suppose you wish to grant your fresh business momentum or explore the best AI tools for marketing in 2022. These marketing tools are free and paid.

A good combination can assist you in various functions- email marketing, creative designing, content marketing, B2B, etc. Businesses seeking 5000 loans on bad credit with no guarantor must prioritize result-specific investments. Analyze what you need to improve the growth gear.

The blog lists AI marketing tools that could help improve business operations regardless of the industry.

What is an AI-Marketing Tool?

An AI marketing tool uses Artificial technology to optimize an operation quickly and error-free. It analyses data in line with the market trend before making decisions. It helps create a strategy that anticipates the following buyer’s move. The marketer collects real-time data with the AI-marketing tool and makes quick business decisions.

Which AI Tools Are Best to Ensure A Competitive Edge?

Speed is the primary reason that creates the need for using AI Tools. In the current marketing sphere, every business must invest in AI tools.

Here are some AI tools a business can leverage to engage maximum customers and convert them at the right stage.

1)     Seventh Sense

 uses behavioral profiling to help you win attention in your customers’ flooded emails. However, choosing the right time to post is always tricky. There are some days when you have high open rates than other days, and figuring out the pattern is complicated.

Seventh Sense help predicts the perfect email sending time for your day. The AI-based platforms help figure out the best timing for each day based on the time they open the mail the most.

It is ideal for HubSpot and Marketo customers. You can connect it with these platforms to create personalized experiences for your customers and users.

2)     Market Muse

If you are seeking competitive analysis, SEO, and content research at the same time, Market Muse is an ideal platform. It helps check the relevance of your keywords and content. It then provides keyword recommendations. And helps optimize content and improve rankings in the search engine. It helps marketers with content creation.Β 

This tool provides an outline for the article and headings suggestions.Β 

It thus saves a content writer a good time on research. For a content writer, the tool is a must-have on the list.

3)     Grammarly

It is an AI-based proofreading platform that is a must for content creators. Grammarly is better than a simple MS-word spell checker. It helps one set the audience and tone to address the audience correctly.

 Moreover, it highlights the words and phrases requiring modification per set language preferences. The application goes beyond simply editing. Besides improving the content from a readability aspect, it helps ensure clarity from the search engine’s point of view. You can customize recommendations based on the marketing goal and the content expectations.

4)     YotPo

Managing customer reviews is strenuous and time-consuming; the tool analyses customer feedback and sentiments. One can use it to drive sales, extract information, and present the same to interested customers or shoppers. If your industry demands SMS marketing as a critical aspect, the tool can benefit you.

Businesses can integrate with other major e-commerce platforms like – Big-commerce, Shopify, and Magento. It leverages content throughout the buyer’s journey and increases sales. The platform leverages data science and generates up to 9 times more reviews. It helps generate content faster than any other application. Some tools they use include:

  • Intelligent algorithms which products to request reviews for
  • Algorithm-optimized reminders- Sends an email reminder to your customers to review your products.
  • Data science- the platform uses data science to mail customers at the apt moment.
  • Targeted SMS service – It helps target customers directly through email and avoids potentially ending up in a million emails.

5)     Phrasee

The subject line is the essential part of an email and decides the open email rate. Coming up with that one subject line that appeals to your audience is a complicating and time-consuming task. Phrases use data-driven statistics to generate a million sounding copying variants.

 The customer-tailored copy ensures quick engagement, and the model is end-to-end. If you want, you can feed the results back to Phasee, which constantly shifts the results per changing customer preferences. This way, it helps generate brilliant copy in tune-in with the current customer behaviour.

6)     HubSpot SEO

Google loves it when marketers and content creators organize content in a search-engine-friendly way. It leverages machine learning to provide a seamless experience. By discovering topics that the leading competitors rank for, HubSpot help discovers ranks and topic that interests your customers.

Apart from this, it provides suggestions around the topic. You can utilize primary HubSpot tools to create and optimize content according to your audience’s interests and preferences.

7)     Crayon

As a business owner, you must be neck-down in the tasks requiring immediate attention. As a result, businesses struggle to manage other important aspects. Crayon is a competitive intelligence tool that helps you monitor your competitor’s moves.

It helps monitor every change on competitors’ websites- pricing changes, employee reviews, product launches or changes, and other marketing campaigns. You can use bad credit personal loans the best way in the UK

It tracks over 100 data types in 300 million sources to provide a comprehensive view of your competitors. By combining, the internal and external board, you can know your competitors in detail.

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