Travel Insurance South America: A Complete Guide

Travel insurance South America is surely critical. At a minimum, you must ensure you’re covered for ride and flight cancellation/disruption and medical care. Your trip to South America will be difficult to surpass, whether you visit the Galapagos islands, hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, see colorful Rio, go horseback riding in Patagonia, or tour Argentina. But before the real fun begins, it’s time to take care of the less thrilling details, starting with travel insurance.

Is travel insurance South America necessary?

You might not immediately think about travel insurance when you fantasize about carnivals and coastlines, Inca and Mayan ruins, or Andean peaks, but consider the following:

  • Your departures will be canceled
  • Your bags are missing
  • Your camera has been taken.
  • You experience illness or harm.

Travel insurance allows you to continue enjoying your vacation even if something goes wrong by helping to replace lost things and pay medical expenses.

These are only a few factors that prompt customers to compare South American travel insurance plans before booking their flights.

The cost of travel insurance will probably be higher if you have a significant medical condition. However, there are still a lot of carriers available, so you should be able to get coverage that is reasonably priced. Whatever you do, resist the urge to lie to an insurance provider since you claim the denial if you do so and later need to file one.

When you list your medical problems on our website, we will only display bids from insurers that include coverage for all your ailments without any exceptions.

How much does South American travel insurance cost?

You must have international travel insurance if you are traveling to South America. However, how long you’ll be gone, the activities you have planned, and if you have any pre-existing health concerns will all affect how much you pay for coverage.

Obtaining global travel insurance coverage that does not cover the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, or Mexico is typically less expensive. So you should be able to keep prices low if you don’t intend to travel to any of these locations.

Based on data from Compare the Market for an international travel insurance plan for a 20-year-old traveling for one week without any current medical issuesβ€”correct prices as of January 2022.

What is covered by travel insurance South America?

The essential components of a decent South American travel insurance plan include the following:

Medical care

Most plans include medical coverage. If you become ill or injured while traveling to South America, your insurance will pay for your treatment and, if necessary, return transportation to the UK.

Your possessions

Make sure your luggage is insured against theft or damage, and find out what the policy’s item limitations are. Carrying pricey equipment, such as a laptop or a specialized camera, is essential. Details about luggage covers

Travel issues like missed, canceled, or delayed flights may all be covered by travel insurance, which is helpful if you intend to travel frequently. Although your coverage usually covers delayed luggage, it never hurts to check.

Personal liability

If you have an accident while traveling and unintentionally hurt someone else, personal liability insurance might aid you if you are sued for compensation.

Legal fees – even though you shouldn’t need them, knowing that your travel insurance will cover them in the event of a disagreement gives you a lot of peace of mind.


You might also want coverage if you need to postpone or prolong your vacation because you need to stay home after receiving a COVID diagnosis. Although not all carriers will, specific plans will so check the policy to be sure insurance gives the coverage you need.

What should be covered by my travel insurance South America?

Make sure that your South American vacation insurance covers access to private healthcare while shopping around. South America has public health care, but the infrastructure is sometimes relatively rudimentary, and the wait periods can be very long. In addition, without adequate travel insurance, you would be responsible for paying for your medical expenses, which might be thousands of pounds.

Additionally, be sure the insurance you’ve picked provides coverage for all the nations you want to travel to. For example, ensure your vacation insurance covers travel to high altitudes if you intend to go into the Andes.

Travel insurance exclusions for South America

There are a few exceptions to be aware of when you decide to get South America vacation insurance. Typically, providers won’t pay for the following:

  • You haven’t told your insurance company about medical care for existing medical issues. When applying for insurance, be as truthful and exact as you can be; otherwise, you could discover that you’re not protected if you ever need to file a claim.
  • Rock climbing, scuba diving, and surfing are high-risk sports and hobbies typically excluded from regular insurance coverage.
  • Treatment for ailments that vaccination before the trip may have averted.
  • You cannot claim reckless behavior, intoxication, or drug use or for injuries received in unlawful activities or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Disregard travel advice from the government or the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO).
  • Terrorism, natural catastrophes, social unrest, and pandemics are a few examples of events.

What else should I consider while picking a travel insurance policy?

Consider the activities you’ll engage in while on vacation to be sure your travel insurance covers you for them.

These could consist of the following:

Extreme sportsΒ include:

  • Activities like climbing the Andes.
  • Shark diving in the Galapagos Islands.
  • Jungle trekking in the Amazon.

Get insurance for winter sports, such as skiing in Patagonia or snowboarding in Chile.

South America is home to some of the best golf courses in the world, from Olives in Argentina to the Olympic course in Brazil. If your standard policy doesn’t cover golf insurance, you may add it to single-trip or yearly-trip coverage.

Whether you need to add new features to your coverage will depend on how you want to spend your time in South America.

Does South America require a visa for me?

You won’t require a visa to enter any South American nation as a tourist if you hold a British passport. However, you must verify that your access has at least six months left.

Upon arrival in several South American nations, including Chile, you will receive a tourist card. You must fill it out and deliver it to the immigration officials before you depart.

If you travel to South America via the USA, you’ll need an ESTA to demonstrate your admissibility to enter the United States.

Best travel insurance South America

Having insurance when you travel is usually a smart move. This list of South America’s top travel insurance options might be helpful if you’re considering a trip down under.

Traveling is enjoyable until you are forced to change your plans because of bad weather or another unanticipated event, or you become stranded in a medical emergency while abroad.

Most of us search for the greatest rucksack and pick the safest airlines while preparing for a vacation, but we seldom consider purchasing travel insurance.

However, it is essential to purchase travel insurance South America or any other region of the nation.

If your trip is cut short because of illness, bad weather, or unfavorable political conditions in your destination country, travel insurance can help you avoid spending too much money.

South America’s Best Travel Insurance Providers

Here are some well-reviewed and trustworthy options to choose from if you’re searching for insurance for a trip to South America.

1. Nomadic World

While offering travel insurance in South America for more than 130 nations, World Nomads wants to encourage tourists to “discover their borders.” You may submit a claim for lost luggage, international dental care, natural catastrophes, travel health, and more from anywhere globally.

The company’s insurance policies also cover various travel-related activities, including surfing, scuba diving, bungee jumping, skiing, and snowboarding. If you’re a true explorer, you’d like the security and freedom that come with World Nomads.

Following your nation of residency, the organization offers a variety of insurance policies. Fortunately, Americans may select policies that include coverage for terrorism, medical expenses, lost luggage, damaged luggage, travel cancellation, repatriation of medical supplies, and much more.

The company’s partnership with A+-rated Nationwide Insurance is another evidence of its reliability.

As for the rates, they depend on your plan. For instance, if you pick emergency medical insurance policies, they may give coverage as high as $300,000.

Typically, you’ll have to decide between the Standard and Explorer plans. While the former is appropriate for shorter vacations, the latter offers premium benefits, such as $10,000 in trip protection and $100,000 in medical emergencies.

Sound interesting? Read our complete World Nomads travel insurance review to determine if this is the right option.


When shopping for travel insurance for South America, you might want to investigate a few possibilities before opting for one. allows you to do this.

Let’s imagine you’re planning a month-long vacation to a South American country and want to locate adequate travel insurance for the region.

On, you only have to enter your trip details and obtain rates from some of the top businesses in the country.

Then, you may evaluate their plans and pricing, picking the one that meets your demands and budget. Since the website offers unbiased comparisons, you’re sure to find the most incredible deals every time.

Additionally, you get coverage emails instantly from the insurance providers and travel without worry.

3. Travelex

Travelex is a reliable travel insurance company based out of Nebraska.

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance company underwrites the policies by Travelex, boasting an A++ rating on AM Best and Standard & Poors.

Their plans start at as low as $28 and go higher depending on the services you include. Most of their policies cover medical emergencies, evacuations, and trip interruptions.

You may also upgrade your plan or modify it according to your needs.

In the Travel Select plan, you get the following features:

  • $500,000 for medical evacuation in emergency scenarios
  • $50,000 for dental and medical coverage
  • $1000 for stolen, lost, or damaged luggage

While most passengers pick their Select Travel plan, the firm also provides a Travel Basic Plan.

It’s preferred for domestic vacations and short travels as the limitations are lower with this plan. One of the most incredible things about Travelex is covering youngsters under 17 at no additional cost.’

4. AIG Travel

Another travel insurance South America firm is AIG Travel, which provides three policies. First, if you’re an avid traveler, choose their Annual Plan that covers all travels you take in a year. Meanwhile, the Pack N’ Go plan is for the last-minute trip you booked for your birthday or one-time excursions.

You may further safeguard your one-time travel with Deluxe, Preferred, or Essential coverage, as per your trip’s duration and cost. In addition, New York state citizens can pick between a Platinum, Gold, or Silver plan, depending on their needs.

As the insurance charges fluctuate depending on the travel information, you must request a quote from the company’s website. If you pick the Preferred Plan, you can qualify for 100% of the trip cancellation coverage and 150% of the trip’s cost.

Like what you are hearing? Check out our entire AIG Travel Guard review.

5. IMG Travel Insurance

If you’re a retiree intending to travel the world with your spouse, IMG Travel Insurance is a good alternative since they provide a special package for travelers over 65.

Apart from the globe hopper Senior Plan intended for elderly travelers, the company also sells plans for students, government workers, business travelers, and ex-pats.

Their primary concentration is foreign health insurance, travel, and medical insurance.

Their travel plans include travel-insured Travel LX, travel-insured Travel Lie, and travel-insured Travel SE. If you’re traveling with family, pick the travel-insured Travel SE plan, which is appropriate for international and domestic holidays. Here are some benefits of this plan:

  • 150% of the trip’s cost for interruption coverage
  • $50,000 per person for trip cancellation coverage
  • $500 for travel delay coverage

$500,000 for emergency medical evacuation\simg Travel Insurance is quite flexible because you may acquire a plan simply a day before travel. Moreover, the delay coverage insurance also covers specific items that other insurers neglect, such as kennel payments for your animal pals.

If you’re planning on renting a car, add auto damage insurance to your plan with $40,000 in coverage.

6. Insuremytrip

Insuremytrip lets you select plans from reputed insurance companies in the US. You must enter your trip details, and the website will churn out adequate travel insurance for traveling to South America.

You may also filter the results to personalize them for your requirements. For instance, you could prefer better medical coverage or a plan covering hobbies like adventure sports.

Some fundamental elements of all insurance include travel delay, baggage coverage, and medical care.

All insurers offered on the insuremytrip have good ratings from reputable agencies. Moreover, these organizations are financially reliable, ridding you of any anxieties.

However, examining the policy information on the insurer’s official website is still a good idea before buying the plan.

Showing you results from over 20 travel insurance firms, insuremytrip is a one-stop for all your travel insurance South America requirements.

7. Seven Corners

Seven Corners solely offers insurance coverage to those residing or going to the US. In addition, the firm provides travel insurance programs for students, organizations, and frequent travelers.

If you’re a US resident and plan to take one trip a year, the Round-Trip Cancellation Insurance will be an excellent alternative. It’s offered in Elite, Choice, and Economy, depending on your travel needs. Here are some aspects of this plan:

  • $750 in dental coverage
  • $20,000 in trip cancellation coverage
  • 150% of the trip’s cost for trip interruption coverage
  • $600 in travel delay coverage
  • $100,000 in medical coverage
  • $1000 in missed connection coverage
  • $1500 for stolen, lost, or damaged luggage
  • Repatriation and evacuation coverage of $500,000

You’ll also qualify for coverage on your current conditions if you satisfy specific qualifications. You may also modify your travel insurance policies by adding vehicle rental coverage, cancellations, etc.

8. Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance must offer an appropriate plan if you often travel to South America for business or any other purpose.

Apart from annual plans, the organization also provides packages for one-time excursions adapted to your preferences.

Trip Prime is their most widely bought plan as it includes many features, such as:

  • $150,000 travel interruption coverage
  • $100,000 travel cancellation coverage
  • $25,000 emergency medical coverage
  • $500,000 emergency medical transportation coverage

In addition, you get bonuses such as luggage loss and delay coverage. If you’re a US citizen, your current ailments will also be covered by Allianz Travel Insurance, providing you satisfy certain restrictions.

9. AXA Assistance

AXA Assistance provides numerous plans covering South American travel insurance, such as Platinum, Gold, and Silver. The Gold Plan, being a mid-tiered product, is suited for families, students, and business visitors.

It comes with the following features:

  • 100% travel cancellation coverage
  • 150% travel interruption coverage
  • $200 per day in case of delays with up to $1000 maximum
  • Missed connection coverage for up to a $1000
  • Emergency medical evacuation coverage up $500,000
  • $100,000 for illness coverage
  • Baggage delays of up to $300

If you wish to extend the advantages, choose the Platinum Plan, which includes adventure sports, skiing, and equipment rentals for other sports, including golf.

Even better, you may enjoy the ‘cancel for any reason provided in this package, allowing you to obtain 75% of the trip’s cost returned if you cancel your trip. However, you have to satisfy a few prerequisites for this.

Moreover, the organization guarantees a 10-day money-back guarantee for all its programs. Therefore, if you change your mind, you may get your money back if the trip hasn’t begun yet.

10. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection offers plans covering travel insurance South America, providing you with a free price for your preferred package. Their plans are supplied in tiers – exactcare Extra, exactcare, and exactcare Value.

Besides typical features, such as luggage and interruption coverage, the firm also sells tailored plans for cruises, road vacations, and adventure sports.

If you’re traveling with your friends or family, the exactcare package should be an optimum selection as it offers the following:

  • $500 in coverage for missed connections
  • $500,000 for emergency medical evacuation
  • $25,000 for medical coverage
  • $1000 for trip delay\s100% in trip cancellation coverage
  • 150% for trip interruption coverage

All plans from the organization come with 24/7 travel help all around the world. It’s beneficial when you’re in a different time zone, losing your wallet, or needing emergency medical help.

You may quickly submit a claim on the business’s internet site and examine the specifics of your plan while you’re in South America. On Berkshire Hathaway’s website, you may get industry experts’ travel safety advice.

Furthermore, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection is renowned for processing claims five times faster than other insurance providers. The majority of visitors think highly of the firm. So, you might wish to request a free quotation if you’re seeking the most OK travel insurance South America.

11. HTH Travel Protection

Since 1997, HTH Travel Insurance has specialized in providing medical insurance for travelers. Check out the company’s plans if you’re a senior since one of them provides up to a million dollars in medical coverage.

Additionally, if you currently have primary insurance, all hospital expenses, including testing, inpatient stays, medications, surgery, etc., are fully covered. The company’s medical insurance policies are unmatched, but its travel insurance coverage isn’t as comprehensive as other insurers.

This plan is appropriate for senior travelers, including those who are 95 years old or older, because the coverage for luggage damage and trip disruption is quite limited.

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