UV Rated Artificial Plants: Everything You Need To Know

In this article, we’ll explore the various UV rated artificial plant options available and how to add UV protection spray for unprotected artificial plants to ensure your greenery is protected from the sun.

UV rated synthetic plants

Over time, artificial plants have evolved. Modern synthetic plants that resemble real ones in appearance can be purchased. New trends, such as the need for plants to be shielded from the sun, have prompted the emergence of new uv rated artificial plants artificial plant collections.

But be aware; several vital distinctions must be made when picking your UV-resistant outdoor plants.

Types of outdoor plants with UV protection

Are you looking to buy plants for the outdoors? Recognize the available choices.

UV defenses built into the foliage

The best method of shielding your artificial plants from the sun is this. It denotes that UV protection was incorporated into the foliage or green wall’s construction elements. As a result, it has a better chance of withstanding the sun, avoiding fading and breaking.

If your UV rated artificial plants employ this technique, it can be challenging to detect. Ask the vendor if they spray UV protection on their plants or if they do it during production on each layer of the plant.

Consider twice before buying from a seller if the hedge or artificial green item sounds too good to be true or is less expensive than other UV-resistant outdoor plants on the market.

To substantiate the claim of a lifetime, it could be desirable to request independent UV protection testing as proof of the protection.

Our selection of UV-resistant plants and green walls at Designer Plants is indicated by the product name or the UV-resistant category.

Because it is the most effective approach to prevent color changes in plants caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and temperatures, we employ this “in foliage” method of UV protection for artificial plants.

You can feel secure knowing that your UV rated artificial plants are protected because we offer a 5-year no-fade warranty on this selection. However, as seen by our director’s green wall, which has remained green for more than nine years, we know that our green plants and walls endure longer than this.

Plant UV protection spray

Using a sealer or UV protection spray is another way for vendors of artificial plants to claim that their plants are UV protected. This indicates that the protective layer is put on the leaf’s exterior rather than the interior.

Your plants can receive temporary protection from UV rays via a UV protection spray. The spray will need to be reapplied every six months or as required.

The market is flooded with UV protection sprays. When choosing a UV protection spray for plants, we advise utilizing non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.

Artificial plants not exposed to UV light

Surprisingly, outdoor artificial plants are advertised as UV-protected but may not provide protection when tested and sold by other fake plant vendors.

You can also buy artificial outdoor plants that say they don’t provide UV protection. However, it’s worth looking into UV protection if you want your artificial plant or green wall to stay green.

Information graphics: Three kinds of fake outdoor plants

How can you make your green artificial plants last longer?

Your expectation that your vegetation would stay green led you to purchase it. On the other hand, the colors of your plant’s leaves are likely to fade, crack, or change if you don’t provide them with sun-safe protection.

Our weather patterns can vary quickly in Australia, where the environment can get rather hot—because of this, choosing a decent UV protection spray or including UV-protected artificial plants in your environment is something to think about.

It’s also possible that your plants require some attention. See our ideas on how to clean your artificial plants here for indoor plants or those that gather dust.

Can indoor plants be sprayed with UV protection?

Yes, you can spray indoor plants with UV protection. Doing this would be advised if your indoor plants are near a window or receive sunshine.

Read the directions thoroughly before using UV protection spray. It might be necessary to move your plant outside so you can spray it. Also, clean any tools or utensils you used to safeguard the indoor plant.

Advantages of UV-rated fake plants

  • It is evident why UV-rated artificial plants are a wise investment
  • All year long, plants remain green
  • No greenery or leaf yellowing
  • Stops the fading of your fake plants
  • Prevents heat from causing your artificial plants to fracture
  • Some UV protection may aid in dust reduction

Artificial outdoor plants protected with UV

Artificial plants undergoing UV treatment have been UV-coated before leaving our warehouse. Depending on the severity of the climate and the number of hours per day the plant will be exposed to direct sunlight, they are typically more resilient than weather-resistant plants under treatment.

Artificial external vegetation can be temporarily shielded with a UV protection spray. Spraying every six months or as needed is preferable for a longer lifespan.

Artificial outdoor plants with UV protection

The third type is the most resilient and can resist UV radiation damage for the most significant period without fading or cracking. The UV protection is integrated right into the material of the UV rated artificial outdoor plants during the production process using a specific Poly-blend substance.

This is the best course of action if you want to save money over the long term.

How does UV resistance work?

The ability of a material, frequently a polymer, to tolerate the destruction brought on by exposure to ultraviolet radiation is known as ultraviolet resistance. Non-resistant surfaces and materials will fade or change color in the presence of UV rays or sunshine.

Artificial plants and trees are typically made of various materials, including natural wood, silk, textiles, and plastic. These basic materials will fade, discolor, and become quite brittle because they are not naturally UV-resistant.

What creates UV-resistant artificial outdoor plants?

In manufacturing, we incorporate a premium-grade chemical stabilizer, absorber, and blocker to satisfy additional requirements for UV-resistant fake outdoor plants. This additive shields synthetic textiles’ color and structural integrity by absorbing damaging UV rays.

When stabilizers, absorbers, or blockers are added during production, we consider plants naturally UV-protected. Artificial plants that are UV-proof by design are superior to post-manufacture treatments like sprays because they guarantee that every leaf has an even distribution of UV-blocking agents.

Mists could not spread even the protective layer on leaves, which might result in patchy UV damage.

How long will artificial outdoor plants survive?

You can trust the anti UV rated outdoor artificial plants from professionals because we back them with a 3-5-year warranty against fading and cracking. We are aware that our potted plants, trees, and fake green walls survive longer than this.

To corroborate a lifetime claim, you may also request independent UV protection tests as proof of the protection.

The lifespan of fake plants outside will be significantly increased by adding high-grade stabilizers to plastic. However, there are still a lot of unknowns, making it challenging to pinpoint the precise service life.

Several variables are:

  • Direct sunlight is given to the plant
  • Place in the world
  • Climate\temperature\altitude\reflex
  • Ozone in the stratosphere

The UV-rated function on the market can vary depending on the UV additive quality and production technique. Therefore, find out from your supplier if they spray UV protection on plants or if they add a protective ingredient while producing the various layers of plants.

How can artificial outdoor plants be given a longer lifespan?

Consider adding UV rated artificial plants to your area or finding a decent UV protection spray if you live in a place where the weather may get pretty hot and change quickly.

You can still spray artificial outdoor plants to keep them “protected” from the sun, so don’t worry. Anti-UV spray can extend the use of your uv rated artificial plants outside for months or years, but it is less effective than buying plants that are made to resist fading.

Furthermore, there’s a probability that plants could use some attention. When the dust settles on your plant’s leaves, thoroughly wipe the plant with a non-abrasive household cleaning spray like window cleaner or multi-purpose spray.

Can indoor plants be sprayed with UV protection?

Sometimes, UV protection spray can be used on artificial indoor plants near windows or receive sunshine. When using a rush, please read the directions thoroughly. It might be necessary to move your plant outside so you can spray it. Also, clean any equipment or supplies used to safeguard indoor plants.

Ten things to think about when purchasing fake outdoor plants

We’ll tell you how to get uv rated artificial plants for the outdoors now that you’re interested. Here are a few quick suggestions for introducing the most unusual fake outdoor plants.

  • You are designing your landscape correctly
  • Find the placement area
  • Spending plan
  • The area at the door
  • Window boxes with flowers
  • Dress up the pathways
  • The impact of the tropics
  • Better than fabric plants are plastic plants
  • Buy plants that seem natural
  • Purchase low-upkeep plants


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