What is alice keyboard?

One of the first things any alice keyboard enthusiast will tell newcomers to the hobby is that a good place to start is deciding which design or size works best for you.

Although there are all different keyboard brands or names on the market, they can all be broadly classified based on their size and layout. While most keyboards look similar in their rectangular shape, different styles deviate from the main, such as ergonomic layouts.

The Alice or “Arisu” keyboard design is one of the most popular ergonomic layouts, with a space that divides the keyboard into two visible halves with the keys extending outwards in a wing-like shape. This design is “ergonomic” by forcing users to position their hands and arms to reduce muscle strain.

Although visually pleasing, the type of experience was found. Some keyboard enthusiasts swear by Alice/Arisu-style keyboards, while others say they have trouble adjusting to unusual layouts. Learning more about the layout can help users determine if they see this ergonomic layout as something to explore.

A Quick Introduction to Keyboard Designs and Sizes

Before diving too deep into discussing the specifics of the Alice/Arisu design, it’s helpful to lay the groundwork by defining the most popular keyboard sizes.

The most popular layouts on the market right now are the entire layout with 1400 keys, the TKL (Ten Keys Less) with 87 keys, 75% keyboards, 65% keyboards, 60% keyboards, and 40% keyboards. These sizes are essential as their features directly relate to users’ needs in their daily routine.

What is Alice / Arisu Keyboard Layout?

As mentioned earlier, the Alice / Arisu keyboard design is considered an “ergonomic” design due to the location of the keys on the board. The keys are separated by an uneven gap between the halves, which are tilted and extended outwards.

While this keyboard layout design is still relatively new, 2020 has seen many consumer groups come to life from various manufacturers and suppliers. With Akko teasing an alice keyboard design for late 2021, it looks like this design isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Basic Alice Keyboard Designs

The first release of the famous alice keyboard layout arrived in April 2018 with Malaysian designer Yuk Tsi’s interest check (IC) on TGR Alice. This model is based on the Kustom EM7 and combines aesthetics with ergonomic features.

It was a limited release, with only 40 keyboards going into circulation. Since then, the boom in alice keyboard can be attributed to developers providing the necessary configuration files for others to modify, test, and review.

What Are the Advantages of Alice Keyboards?

Alice keyboards are often compared to ergonomic keyboard layouts. The purpose of an ergonomic keyboard is to place the hands and arms in a natural typing position.

Unnatural positioning of the arms and hands can lead to physical problems such as hand, arm, shoulder, and neck pain. It is common for those who spend many hours on a desktop or laptop doing work or studying. In its worst case, prolonged muscle stress can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury (RSI).

However, what separates alice keyboard from standard ergonomic keyboards is their versatility. Alice keyboards can come in different sizes, device cases, layouts, and finishes. The almost endless possibilities attract many users to this style of keyboard.

Downsides of Alice Keyboards

While the Alice design offers the best benefits of a high-quality typing experience, many have reported difficulties adjusting to different vital placements.

There is a steep learning curve, especially among users who have developed muscle memory with the keys on a standard layout. Those new to design may spend a lot of time paying attention to their keyboard rather than their screen, which can slow users down.

Alice Keyboard Sizes and Variations

The most popular alice keyboard come in 60% and 65% keyboard sizes, modeled after the original Tsi. Some attempts have been to create 75% translation settings, such as Adelheid. With the recent boom in Alice-style keyboards, these come in various materials such as aluminum and acrylic.

Many developers have been generous in providing open-source files on Github so you can create your Alice-style keyboard through 3d printing, laser cutting, or otherwise. Countless resources on mechanical keyboard Reddit, and other community sites continue to test the boundaries of Alice-style design.

Popular Alice Keyboards

Some of the most popular Alice-style keyboards on the market include the Maja, AVA, Switch Couture Alice, and more.

The Switch Couture has been recognized as the most creative alice keyboard in color customization.

Alice keyboards tend to be more expensive than the standard keyboard, and there are few pre-built budget options in the marketplace. But, with large producers like Akko exploring the Alice layout, we expect to peer more excellent financial variations popping out soon.

Advantages of Using the Alice Keyboard

Reduce hand muscle stiffness and tension.

  • When you place your hand narrower than the width of your shoulder, it enables you to bring your hand in to take a more comfortable position.
  • It is designed for people who spend a lot of time on their computers.
  • It gives you a one-of-a-kind keyboard experience.
  • The alice keyboard have a pleasing appearance.

Cons of Using the Alice Keyboard

  • You will have to change the plan for a while.
  • It is usually available through group buying or after-sales at a higher price than retail.
  • Not all keycap sets, especially the spacebar set, are compatible with the design.
  • There are a few reasons for the forms available, and they are usually only 65 percent or 75 percent in size.

Using An Alice Keyboard For Games

Alice Keyboards are recommended for gaming as they reduce hand fatigue even after long hours of gaming. In addition, because players use the keyboard every day for a long time, Alice Keyboards allow their hands to be more comfortable and natural than other forms.

Most players handle the quality and are already used to standards like ANSI. So changing designs can be complex. On the other hand, some players like to play with their keyboards tilted; as a result, they can have a short processing time.

TKL and full keyboards have a smaller form factor than Alice Keyboards layouts, which are not as compact as 60 percent keyboards. However, people who use a 60-percent keyboard for a different mouse position may find the size of the alice keyboard to be an issue.

The standard keys for these players are WASD. However, some can return their keys to the ESDF, which has a unique location. Fortunately, most game software allows easy key remapping through its settings.

Alice Keyboards For Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Two teams of five players often compete in multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. The main goal of each team is to destroy the building in the center of their opponent’s base. Players will work hard to collect gold and defeat minions, while opponents will do the same.

QWER keys are commonly used in MOBA skill games, and numeric keys are used for frequently used items. As a result, MOBA players don’t have to spend much time adjusting because all the keys for MOBA games are included in Alice Keyboards settings.

Alice Keyboard For FPS Game

FPS is a very competitive genre that requires high skill. On the other hand, the type of keyboard being used affects the overall experience.

As mentioned earlier, many gamers swipe their keyboards while playing FPS games. Games should have a slight issue switching to alice keyboard because the keys have natural names. Because all the essential keys for these games are available, there is no time to adjust.

The only consideration for players is the size of the Alice Keyboards they use. Small Alice keyboards are selected for FPS to maximize the available space of their computer.

Alice Keyboard In RPG & mmorpgs

A role-playing video game (RPG) is an electronic game in which players progress through a strategic plan and many side missions, collecting information that increases their character or party’s unique qualities and skills. On the other hand, multiplayer online role-playing games (mmorpgs) combine role-playing games with massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

For smooth gameplay, MMORPG and RPG games mostly rely on the function line or number keys given talents in the top section of Alice Keyboards.

Several players use the function row buttons to provide additional talents, which may be an issue on alice keyboard layout because the number row is usually the only available. RPG and MMORPG players, on the other hand, use alphanumeric technical keys. As a tool for limited Alice Keyboards keys, you can customize the essential controls to your preferences, depending on your game.

ALICE Keyboards Compared to Other Gaming Keyboards

Gamers often choose the shape of their keyboard based on the keys needed in the games they play. For example, FPS games and MMORPG games have go-to and binding keys.

Alice Keyboards have evolved to include 60 percent, 65 percent, 75 percent, and 50 percent quality items. Comparing a regular keyboard to an alice keyboard of the same size provides a better gaming experience with less hand strain.

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