Why Casual Shirts are Common in Every Men’s Wardrobe?

Casual shirts have been men’s top priority over other shirt types. The reason behind this is comfort and can be carried with any type of bottom wear. For decades the demand for casual shirts has been never-ending. You can find sets of casual shirts in every men’s wardrobe. Moreover, casual shirts are preferred among other shirt types. Let’s check out why casual shirts are highly preferred.

Brief Overview on Casual Shirts

Casual men shirts have fewer rigid collars like the button-down. It is available in a wider variety of textures and weaves, such as linen, chambray, etc. Casual shirts are extremely comfortable as compared to other shirts. It can give you both a smart and cool look. The other great thing is that it is available in different colour.

The rising demand and popularity of casual shirts among men have given wide opportunities for manufacturers to come up with excellent designs and prints. The manufacturers made the casual shirt category a highly prioritized product focused on different types and prints. This has resulted in the production of a huge collection of casual men shirts. Now, casual pure cotton shirts for mens are available in different options based on designs. Men get plenty of options to choose from and buy.

Availability of Types Of Casual Shirts

This is another crucial reason behind the demand for casual shirts. The brands and manufacturers are now not sticking to a particular type. They have come up with different types of casual shirts for men to fit every body type and physique. Here is the detail of different types of casual shirts.

Spread Collar Shirts

Spread collar shirts are one of the most popular and common casual shirts. The preference for this simple white shirt type is higher than others. You can find this type in every men’s shirt collection for sure. It has a standard spread collar of 5” space between the points. The variation in widths accentuates the facial features. This is the traditional and aesthetic choice ever made. The spread collar casual shirts for men give the best stylish look with dark-washed jeans and top button undone. Men usually pair up this look with sneakers.

Button-Down Collar Shirts

The button-down collar is too casual, with a classic look. The American collar type never gets out of trend. The collar’s each side is secured down with buttons. The shirt gives you a smart look without pairing it with a tie. Get the coolest look with buttons undone. This simple shirt type is now available in the hidden button feature. The button-down collar casual checks shirt for men will fairly give a classic look with a casual jacket and desert boots.

Band Collar Shirts

The band collar casual shirt has been stated as a men’s icon since 1920. This casual shirt type has different names like collarless, band collar, and grandad collar. The neckband on this shirt lays flat and doesn’t stand up on the neck. Due to this collar design, it is known as Nehru and Mandarin collar shirts. The bandwidth is 1” or less. The collarless look of the shirt makes it suitable to wear during the summer days. It gives a modern look with top buttons undone. You can button up full sleeve shirt and pair them with casual shoes for a smart look.

Utility Shirts

Casual utility shirts have been in the culture for centuries. Utility shirts and simple shirts are for standardized workwear and military uniforms. The key utility features are metal buttons, epaulettes on shoulders, and pockets. It is designed for workers who demand durable, safe, and functional workwear. This shirt has a woven button-up collared shirt and button closure at the chest pockets.

The sleeves of this casual shirt type are long to protect the workers from machinery injuries, hazardous chemicals, and elements. Collars are buttoned down to avoid flipping up. These simple workwear shirts are now available in different design styles and patterns, which also give a smart look. Men love to wear this at different places. It has buttons, pockets, and design features. And it can be paired with dark or faded jeans.

These wide types are available in different colours, patterns and prints. You can get these casual shirts for men in solid and bright colours. Due to the wide collections of these shirt types, most of them are common in men’s closets.

Casual Shirt Trend to Continue in The Future Decades

Of course, there’s no doubt that the these shirts trend will continue in the future decades too. This will be a never-ending choice for generations to generations. The simple shirts fit well for men of every age group based on the design and fabric comfort. Another advantage is that it can be worn on any occasion. Men have adopted the plane shirt trend for hanging outs, clubbing, house parties, corporate parties, and various events and programs.

Moreover, men around the world are following the casual wear trend. The shirts are affordable, and they fit every individual’s per capita income, whether lower or average. Therefore, in the future years, simple men shirts will still keep on tending.

Mens shirts will rule the men’s wear in terms of preference. You will hardly find any men without this shirt type in their closet.

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